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Sunday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/29/2018 3:00 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur
July 29, 2018

Opening statement

Day 4, were just working through the first phase here of the padded practices. Its important we get out here and get a lot of good work done like we did yesterday. Behind the scenes, we just keep working with the players so that they embrace getting the proper sleep, proper rest, eating proper meals and then hydrating properly so that once the practice is over, their thoughts go immediately to recovery. So, those are the three components of making sure they come out the next day and train and increase their workload. Thats what were going through. Im assuming the 31 other teams are doing the same thing. Were just looking forward to Day 2 in pads.

Q: Three straight days in pads now. Do you increase the intensity of the practices? Or does it slow down?
A: Theres certain things we want to get done. You saw yesterday, we embraced the redzone. We did our first seven-on-seven in the redzone. Were working situational football. You guys arent privy to the scripts. One of our team periods was all first downs. Were always teaching situational football. So, every segment of plays or group of things that were doing speaks to a part of our game. Over the next couple of days, well try to hit all those areas.

Q: Youre installing a new offense and defense. Do you expect one to be ahead of the other?
A: No, Im expecting it to be very competitive. Im expecting the offense to execute well, and Im expecting the defense to do the same. I expect the offense to do things to score points, and the defense to keep them out of the end zone. Along the way, those are the things were working on. And youll see out there its easy to do the math. Every once in a while, youll say, well this guy gave up this or this guy gave up that. But, its a competitive situation. Were all out there getting better. Sometimes the mistakes that show up in practice are very important. If they werent important, then you wouldnt practice. Because when a mistake occurs, what typically happens at least our mindset is, first the player admits he made a mistake. Then he gets with his coach, or whoever. They discuss how theyre going to fix it. They go about fixing it, then they move on to the next play, and hopefully not make that mistake again. Thats why were out there competing. As long as were all about the ball, and negotiating the ground, and staying off the ground, and being a great teammate, we can practice any phase of our game and get through those mistakes.

Q: What are the benefits for Odell when hes in the slot?
A: Anytime the defense can predict exactly where youre going to be all the time if youre an offense that only runs one protection, youre going to get nailed. Or, if the receiver is only in one spot all the time, that player is easier to defend. I think Im speaking to the obvious. If you move him around, hopefully theyve got to at least have some meetings and decide how they want to cover him.

Q: Tight ends have to block and work with the offensive line. They also have to be a factor in the passing game. How important is the tight end position to this offense?
A: You answered the question better than I could. Its a critical position. Other than the quarterback, thats the one connection to the run game, to the passing game, and then obviously the protection game. Those players need to be efficient. As we know, tight ends they have a redeeming quality. Go through the league, and just take all the tight ends and whats his redeeming quality? Is he a pass receiver? Is he more of a blocker? Is he a guy that can do both and play on all three downs? Hopefully, you have a good guy on your roster that can be all those things. Thats why I think it takes a village at tight end, and weve got to use them strategically to get the best out of their skillset.

Q: Lorenzo Carter is known for setting the edge. But, is he a player than can create pressure up the middle as well?
A: Yeah, hes working through it. I think he has one of those redeeming qualities. Were down that road right now. One of his redeeming qualities is hes an excellent edge player. But, you also have to be able to work in conjunction with line stunts. Those are things were trying to get out of him. Hes a big athlete thats very long. Hes just working through it.

Q: Does bringing Connor Barwin in speak to anything in regards to Lorenzo Carters role?
A: No, no. Actually, we brought him in to try to help Carter as well. Connor Barwin has got some good rushes left in him I think you saw that yesterday. Hes a very veteran player. Along the way, these veteran players help rookies. I dont think you can have too many edge players I really dont, because at some point were rushing four, theyre dropping back throwing. Weve got to be able to get pressure, and weve got to be able to cover.

Q: What have you seen from Ereck Flowers so far? And can you elaborate on the depth at the offensive line position.
A: I think Ereck had a good day yesterday. I think he got comfortable through the backend of the OTAs at right tackle. Hes been competing real well in both the run and the passing game. I think he had a good day yesterday. I think when we put the second group in there, I think theyre very competitive guys. The backups, weve got a mixture of experience and youth. The whole idea of training for the preseason games is to see them do it in game action. Im hopeful that were going to get a couple good players out of that backup group.

Q: What has Donte Deayon shown you thus far?
A: Hes one of those guys that hes done a good job. Youve seen him mostly in the slot covering. Hes got good cover skills. He mustve felt like hes done some lifting this summer. He uncovered his arms yesterday. So, I was giving him some grief about that. Hes got very good coverage skills, hes very competitive. He has a knack for getting his hands on the ball. Youve seen him be little bit disruptive on some throws, and actually get a couple interceptions. I would say thats pretty much what he is at this point.

Q: What have you seen from your defensive line?
A: Its still early and again, yesterday being the first day, I think they were a little bit disruptive at times. But no, B.J. Hill has come in really fast. And then (Dalvin) Tomlinson, Dalvin is a really good player. Im getting used to them. Now you see them in there with pads on. Im getting a quicker, better feel for how were going to rotate those guys in there.

Q: Did John Jerry leave practice yesterday?
A: Yeah, John Jerry left practice yesterday. He had an upset stomach. We got him checked out. Hell be out there today, hes fine.

Q: Hows Sterling Shepard? Seems like he had a problem with his foot yesterday.
A: Hes fine, hes fine.

Ill often grouse when the reporters ask the same silly questions  
mfsd : 7/29/2018 3:18 pm : link
over and over...but these were some very good questions, and interesting answers from PS
"if youre an offense that only runs one protection, youre going  
Ben in Tampa : 7/29/2018 3:20 pm : link
to get nailed. Or, if the receiver is only in one spot all the time, that player is easier to defend."

I don't think Coach Shurmur is intentionally taking a shot McAdoo there, but to hear this very basic football concept come out of the mouth of the Head Coach of the NY Giants is very cathartic.
RE: Ill often grouse when the reporters ask the same silly questions  
smshmth8690 : 7/29/2018 3:25 pm : link
In comment 14024584 mfsd said:
over and over...but these were some very good questions, and interesting answers from PS

I was thinking the same as I read this.
Shurmur is the first person I've ever heard use the term  
BestFeature : 7/29/2018 4:09 pm : link
"redeeming qualities" positively. It's usually a backhanded compliment. "This guy sucks but he has a few redeeming qualities".
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