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Monday Media Transcript: Guard Will Hernandez

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/30/2018 3:18 pm
Guard Will Hernandez
July 30, 2018

Q: How would you say early in camp the chemistry on the offensive line is coming along? Itís pretty important for a group with essentially five new starters.
A:† I feel like Iíve known these guys for a long time in the short period of time we have known each other. Theyíve treated me like I was one of them. They started guiding me and showing me the ropes right away and started the teaching process with me. These guys are great, everyone gets along pretty well. We are spending so much time with each other in camp, everyone gets to know each other real quick.

Q: What have these padded practices told you about yourself and the NFL?
A: It has shown me that the speed has definitely changed. We have incredible athletes here, especially on our defense. So it has just shown me that I have to pick it up, the game speed is going to be a lot faster, you have to be able to do all your progressions through your head and all your footwork at a lot faster pace.

Q: Has that been easy and natural for you?
A: Yeah, weíre getting adapted to it and with all the veterans giving me pointers here and there, it has been an easier process than I thought.

Q:† How would you assess your first few days? Do you feel comfortable heading into this week knowing that you have a week under your belt?
A: For sure. As soon as we got the pads on and I got a feel for everything that we have to do all the time and the technique we have been working on since OTAs, I got a feel what itís like going up against these guys with pads on. It wasnít too much of a different transition and I was able to get it down. These veterans are helping me out every single play so it makes it that much easier.

Q: There are so many new faces on this offensive line. Are there any short-term goals that the line has talked about that you may have besides, obviously, getting day by day chemistry improved?
A: Yeah, thereís a lot of specific technical things that we try to get better with everyday and that they point out that I need to work on, but overall itís communicating throughout the whole line and being on the same page. Thatís the main goal and the short-term goal every single play too.

Q: Talk about going against ĎSnacksí everyday. How difficult of a thing is that?
A: First, heís a great player. Iím really glad he plays for us because Iím able to go against him every practice, itís just going to make me and the whole offensive line better players. How heavy and dense he is, it makes you have to work that much harder. When games come around itís going to be that much easier.

Q: Did you guys talk about that little scuff you had in minicamp?
A: No, it was never the plan, weíre never focused on fighting or anything like that. Stuff happens sometimes, weíre competing. Heís a great competitor as well. The offensive line and defensive line both want to do well every practice. Things happen but after they happen, we brush it away, let it go and keep on practicing the way we should.

Q: What kind of a running back is Wayne Gallman?
A: Heís a great running back, I think all of the running backs we have are really good. They all have had a special play within the last few days of practice. It just makes me feel excited for our running back group.
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