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Monday Media Transcript: Quarterback Davis Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/30/2018 3:23 pm
Quarterback Davis Webb

July 30, 2018

Q: (Inaudible)

A: You have to change it to scheme. Its all about matchups and players. Especially, with us, Im fortunate to be around Odell and Saquon. Hes going to have to tweak against us, tweak against other people. So, its all about them. But, Im definitely prepared.

Q: Do you keep all your games notes and preparation and study it in the offseason?

A: Oh yeah, I kept it all. I keep every binder each and every week of the defensive coordinator.

Q: Whats the best thing in camp that you like about your game in terms of mechanics or execution?

A: I think I really worked hard this summer on pocket movement and escaping, and avoiding the rush, and throwing on the run. Thats something I really try to enhance throwing on the run once the play breaks down; getting out of the pocket.

Q: Talk about Eli Manning and what he means to you in terms of your progression and growth as a quarterback.

A: Eli? Hes the best Ive ever seen throw it. I mean, he has total command of the offense attention wise, route wise, teaching everybody on the fly on the field and off the field. Hes ready to rock and roll. Well all try to keep up. He sets that tone, and I know hes going to play his best.

Q: How have these first few training camp practices been for you in terms of helping the rest of the quarterbacks in the room?

A: I think we all want to be successful. So, were all trying to help each other out so we can all have a successful practice. Were all trying to be good teammates. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Q: You all have each others backs in there, right? (Quarterbacks)

A: Oh easily, yeah. We dont ever look at it as competition. You just got to do the best you can and let the coaches decide for them. Thats their job. Our job is to throw it to the open guy.


A: Im just really buying into the style of Coach Shurmur and what hes preaching to us each and every day. Its fun.

Q: With having a year under your belt, do you feel more comfortable heading into this season?

A: Yeah. I think you try to do the best you can to prepare, and when that time comes, hopefully youre ready. I got to see the worst of the worst last year. I got a first-hand experience in that one, even though I wasnt totally in the fire, I was a fly on the wall per se. I was in the meeting rooms, I saw how our team kind of got hurt, and things didnt go our way. But now, this is great. Were moving on, and were ready to rock and roll.

Q: How have you benefited from the idea that you all are learning a new system?

A: Were all learning at the same pace. Obviously, [Eli Manning] hes picked up quicker and hes able to kind of go another step further than all of us because hes Eli Manning. At the same time, were kind of able to have communication and say, hey this is what we talked about in OTAs. How are we going to change it in training camp, and to the season? Its been fun to kind of be on the same page. Our relationship had definitely gotten stronger.

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