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Thursday Media Transcript: Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/2/2018 3:20 pm
Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard
August 2, 2018

Q: It was really humid out there. Were your legs feeling it a little bit?
A: Yeah, but I mean thatís no excuse. We gotta kind of adjust to that. Thereís going to be hot games out here on game day so it shouldnít matter. We got to push through, it was kind of sloppy today.

Q: What about the change in the practice schedule?
A: Yeah I think itís good to have a change up. You kind of get used to the same routine and it kind of gets to you as a player, so switching things up was good for us. We just got to bring the energy we brought for the afternoon practices for the morning as well.

Q: You always said donít consider me just a slot receiver but it seems in this offense, it seems like nobody could be considered anything because youíre all lining up everywhere.
A: Yeah, thatís what Iíve been saying every time I got up here. You kind of got to know where every position is going to be and know what to do at every position so. Not just a slot receiver, youíre going to be outside sometimes so you have to know everywhere.

Q: Does that make it harder for you to learn and adjust to as a receiver?
A: No.

Q: What did you think was sloppy?
A: I just think we had too many balls on the ground. Couldíve cleaned up the Ė just from the huddle, everything. Some of the little things. I mean doesnít always have to be big things. Just as simple as breaking the huddle with a clap. Guys are tired, tend to forget to do that type of thing, but I think itís a big deal. Itís going to be a big deal later on down the road.

Q: What do you think of Cody Latimer so far?
A: Yeah, I love Cody. I think heís battling something right now, but when heís out there heís definitely going to give it all heís got. Great route runner to be that big, snatches the ball out the air, so I think heís going to be great for us.

Q: With you and Odell [Beckham Jr.], I know you guys are close, but on the field youíre always talking to each other in between plays. Whatís he like on the field and what do you guys generally talk about?
A: I think itís all about technique most of the time [laughs]. Yeah, most of the time itís about technique or what I was thinking on some route or what he was thinking or whatever is coming up in the script and what weíre excited for. Weíre always just picking each otherís brain. Iím always picking his brain, for sure. Trying to see what heís thinking or what he thought about whatever just happened or whatever I just did.

Q: Are you starting to get to that point where youíre sick of practicing against each other and you want to see another jersey now?
A: Yeah, I mean, you start getting to that point pretty early. Everybodyís looking forward to the season, preseason. Guys want to earn that position and you canít do too much against your teammates so you want to let loose and get somebody else. I know guys are pretty amped up and excited about the game coming up next week.

Q: Towards the end when you and Odell were in the end zone, Pat Shurmur came over and just a couple of words exchanged. What would you say the way heís seemingly tried to connect with you guys?
A: Yeah, itís great. To have a head coach thatís gonna meet up with the players and is real in-touch with the players, itís good to have. Coach has been great so far. Just trying to pick everything up right now and figure out what this team has. I think that was the big thing. Heís talked about coming out in the first half and things donít go your way, thatís kind of what practice was for us today, werenít really going our way and trying to test this team and see what we have to come back out in the second half and get things done.

Q: Landon [Collins] said when Shurmur talked to you guys early on, you guys had to realize A, he was telling a joke, and B, you were allowed to laugh at it.
A: Yeah, Iíd agree with that I guess.

Q: Heís got that dry sense of humorÖ
A: Yeah, he does, but heís a pretty funny guy when you get the jokes.

Q: Youíre catching a lot of balls in camp. Are you sitting there and going 80, 90 [catches] this year or something like that? Are you setting any goals?
A: Not for myself. I just want to get this team back on the right track. The history of the Giants is great and we didnít do that last year, so I want to get us back on the right track. Thatís the main focus.
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