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Tuesday Media Transcript: DE B.J. Hill

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/7/2018 3:19 pm
Defensive Tackle B.J. Hill
August 7, 2018

Q: Howís your first NFL camp coming along?
A: Itís going well. Out here just competing and trying to get better each and everyday.

Q: Are you ready to hit somebody?
A: I am. I mean, weíve been hitting people in camp, but Iím ready for the first game on Thursday against the team weíre going up against.

Q: Do you look at it as your NFL debut?
A: Oh yeah. Itís going to be my first game in the NFL and Iím just excited to get out there and compete with the best.

Q: When the Giants drafted you they said a lot of times at N.C. State you were coming out in a frogger stance, you werenít asked to rush the passer as much. This defense, thatís going to change. What do you think so far a few practices in?
A: I love our defense. I love the way we play. I love our style. I love just the balance of the way weíre going to play this year. Iím going to bring whatever Iíve got to the table, to each game. Pass rush, stopping the run, all of it.

Q: What have you learned here from minicamp to the first couple of weeks of training camp that youíre anxious to unveil in the Browns game that you want people to see?
A: Everything from stopping the run, being physical, playing angry to rushing the passer, too, as well. People say I canít rush, but I can. I want to show people that I can do it all on first down, second and third down.

Q: Biggest difference between college and the NFL so far?
A: The biggest difference I would say is the speed of the game so far, and learning. Itís a lot to learn and itís a little different. But Iím picking it up so quick and so far itís because of the older guys like OV, Snacks, all these other guys thatís helping me out, help me learn the playbook, help me find little tips on offensive linemen and stuff like that.

Q: The other day Damon Harrison said you were the most athletic defensive lineman on the team. What does that mean coming from him?
A: Donít let his size fool you, heís pretty athletic as well. It feels good, I know he got my back. I got his back as well and Iím ready to play beside him.

Q: Snacks was aware of two guys at NC State last year on the defensive line, but didnít quite have you on his radar.
A: We had a great D-Line at State. We all got drafted, so it is what it is.

Q: Whatís been more difficult: the physical or mental side of the NFL?
A: Both of them bring a challenge. You just got to get time and preparation Ė and practice is going to help you get over it.

Q: Whatís the best piece of advice the veterans have given you so far?
A: Just come out and be me. Donít switch up, just always be me. Come out and work hard and give it all you got.

Q: Going back to what I asked you about last yearís defensive line at N.C. State, how has that helped you to have multiple pieces there?
A: Yeah, we all worked together last year as a D-Line. Now Iím in a great situation where I got great people beside me. Iím excited to play beside OV, Snacks, [Dalvin] Tomlinson, like everybody, so Iím excited.

Q: Thereís a familiarity being with that frontÖ
A: For sure. I feel like we got a great group Ė a great defense and I feel like we got a lot to prove this year. Iím excited for it.

Q: Yesterday [James] Bettcher said he sees you playing all three spots on the defensive line. Do you feel comfortable in those spots or do you need more reps there?
A: Wherever he needs me to play, Iíll play. If he wants to me play linebacker, Iíll play linebacker, but I doubt thatíll happen. Yeah, I can play the one, the three and the five. In college I played mostly the one and the three, so Iím used to playing it all.
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