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NFT: Heating a Garage

Cap'n Bluebeard : 8/9/2018 12:56 pm
I suppose this is a companion piece/bizarro world version of Britt's thread, but his thread got me to thinking. I bought a home in Michigan earlier this year and I have a detached 2 1/2 car garage that I am using as 1/2 woodworking workshop and 1/2 home gym. I'm looking for heating solutions so that I can still lift in the bitter cold Michigan winters. I don't necessarily care about the woodworking area since that's more of a spring/summer/fall hobby of mine.

The garage is somewhere between 25x25/30x30 or so and I only care about having any level of heat for half of it. I'm on vacation in NJ right now so I don't have exact measurements, but that's kind of what I remember from when I bought the house. It has no windows and is currently uninsulated so obviously that's my first step. I'm not adverse to installing a woodburning stove, but that seems excessive for something I'm only planning on using for maybe 2 hours at a time 3-4 times per week and they seem to take a long time to get going and heat an area from what a remember of my father's. I'd prefer not to run gas lines out to the garage. Does anybody have any suggestions for other kinds of units that might be able to help me get at least half of that space relatively warm in a relatively quick amount of time?
Giantsfan79 : 8/9/2018 1:01 pm : link
start a fire with the woodworking leftovers :)
Propane heater  
Jim in Fairfax : 8/9/2018 1:03 pm : link
Though I think in the long run you’d be better off running the gas line.
Cap'n Bluebeard : 8/9/2018 1:05 pm : link
I have generally used my firepit exclusively to get rid of all the damn leftover palletwood from the pallet wall/projects my girlfriend made me do
ron mexico : 8/9/2018 1:05 pm : link
Do about 30 and you won't mind the cold.
Whatever Britt does,  
GiantNatty : 8/9/2018 1:06 pm : link
do the opposite.
That's pretty weak  
pjcas18 : 8/9/2018 1:06 pm : link
this guy didn't need heat.

RE: That's pretty weak  
Cap'n Bluebeard : 8/9/2018 1:11 pm : link
In comment 14033426 pjcas18 said:
this guy didn't need heat.

Well, that settles it. No heat, bigger beard and leather jacket here I come.
winoguy : 8/9/2018 2:11 pm : link
They make an oil filled electric baseboard that would work. Heats up quick,stays hotter longer than traditional electric strip heaters. Think Lowes has it.
I Love Clams Casino : 8/9/2018 2:12 pm : link
click - ( New Window )
I built a 36' x 24' shop and was 60mi north of NYC.  
Racer : 8/10/2018 3:05 pm : link
A Hot Dawg HD45 propane heater by Modine did the job. 45k BTUs. Good recovery time and the power of the fans got the warm air to every corner of the space.
get a bullet heater, 200,000 BTU  
oghwga : 8/10/2018 3:19 pm : link
heats up super fast and maintains it. I used to use them when I was building my last house. Slight odor after a while but they crank out the heat. Will slurp up the propane but will do what you want, quickly bringing a cold garage up to temp quickly.
insulate first  
bc4life : 8/11/2018 10:14 pm : link
if possible - that will make a huge difference. 2x6. floor and insulated garage door.
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