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NFT: Anyone try “Quest Nutritions Thin Crust Pizza”?

DennyInDenville : 8/9/2018 10:22 pm
680 calories each pie

56 plus grams of protein

Only 12 net carbs per pie

About 40 grams of fat per pie

$65 for a pack of 6

Anyone try it yet?? Target is sold out every time I try to get it
And over 2400mg of sodium  
Larry in Pencilvania : 8/9/2018 10:38 pm : link
Picked one up a couple of weeks ago...  
beechbouy : 8/10/2018 6:25 am : link
thought the sauce and cheese were very good but the crust was nothing short of dreadful. So bad in fact, that I couldn't get the taste of the crust out of my mouth for hours.
You should try making a chicken crust pizza.  
Brown Recluse : 8/10/2018 6:38 am : link
If youre looking for a low carb, high protein alternative to a normal pizza. Its really easy and is actually satisfying.
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