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Post-Game Transcript: LB Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/10/2018 12:13 am
Giants LB Olivier Vernon
Postgame vs. Browns
August 9, 2018

Q: As a front-seven, how do you think tonight went? Obviously not a lot of playing time, but it seemed like you guys did get some pressures on some of their backups.
A: Yeah, I mean, we didnít get that much time out there, but all we can do is get a little look and get our feet wet a little bit. You know, watching the young guys out there, I feel like the young guys did pretty good. A lot of guys were out there making some plays and all you can do is just enjoy it and amp them up.†

Q: We made such a big deal about the change to the 3-4 defense, but did it feel like you did pretty much similar to what you had done in the past?
A: Oh yeah, for the most part. It wasnít anything that was different than before for the limited amount of time that we were out there, but itís still good to get our feet wet a little bit and get back into pads and go against somebody thatís not on our team, so it felt good.

Q: When you guys are in the nickel, you are basically a 4-3 defensive end basically, right?
A: Basically yeah, so nothing really changes about that.

Q: O.V., I donít know if you want to talk about it now, but why did you now decide to stand [for the national anthem]?
A: Well, you know, right now weíre waiting to see how everything goes with the League and weíve just been engaging in talks and seeing what everybody is talking about and seeing where everything is going to lead to. For right now, itís just football right now.

Q: Was that a team decision? Or was that something you decided on your own to stand?
A: I mean, first and foremost, itís basically everybody just engaging and talking about what is going on, but right now itís really just focusing on football. Thatís it.

Q: What did you think of Saquon Barkleyís run?
A: That was impressive and thatís what you want to see. They brought him here just to see, you know, to be that horse in the backfield and make plays. Heís been doing that in the collegiate level and now in the big boy level. Heís very talented, Iím very happy for him and Iím just excited what the season has in store for him.

Q: You donít get the full thing in the preseason, just little glimpses. Could you imagine 20, 22, 25 touches for a guy like that?
A: Pretty sure heís hungry. Iím going to be a fan watching him just like everybody else.

Q: How much does that help the defense?
A: It helps tremendously when youíre able to move the ball, run the ball on the ground. Basically manage the game effectively like that. Weíll see, weíll see how it goes this season.

Q: Of course, very long runs mean you guys are back on the field. I guess thatís okay right?
A: Hey, thatís okay. As long as thereís points on the board.
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