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Colin Cowherd believes roster much better then PFF....

Simms11 : 8/11/2018 9:18 am
Say what you will about Cowherd, but he makes a lot of sense. Giants roster, if they remain healthy, is solid. I would add that the starters are solid. I think depth is still lacking, however, he alludes to PFFs list of best teams in the league and we all know that PFF is sometimes skewed in their logic?! He goes on to say that the Giants are one team that are almost guaranteed to double their win totals. Now thatís not really going out on a limb, because I think thatís almost a given, but he believes the Giants are a dark horse team and underrated. Weíll see.....based on the first ore-season game Iíd be pretty skeptical too, but you have to give this team some time to come together IMO. Also remember most of the starters were out of the first preseason game after a few series. I guess Iím an eternal optimist, especially when it comes to Big Blue. Anyway, I agree with Cowherd.
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We all look at things through a different ďobjectiveĒ filter.  
Big Blue '56 : 8/11/2018 9:21 am : link
My filter leans towards a big year for this team, lack of depth in certain areas (indigenous to most, if not all, teams) and usual disclaimers notwithstanding
He puts a lot of stock in the line play  
mattlawson : 8/11/2018 9:24 am : link
By every measure this team should be able to compete - in the trenches and outward.
Yet another Cowherd post?  
Greg from LI : 8/11/2018 9:25 am : link
I've always wondered who the hell listens to that clown. I guess I have my answer.
every team has injuries  
Youtoo : 8/11/2018 9:38 am : link
There are certain positions the giants cannot afford to have injuries on due to lack of depth. If any of those guys miss games we are in trouble.

Also the new helmet rule will lead to guys getting suspended. We have no idea how common those suspensions will be. Landon Collins is an aggressive Safety. He gets suspended for a game for something that was legal until this year we are in trouble.

The lack of depth is a real problem. We lose ANY corners, we are in trouble.
RE: Yet another Cowherd post?  
Simms11 : 8/11/2018 9:46 am : link
In comment 14036125 Greg from LI said:
I've always wondered who the hell listens to that clown. I guess I have my answer.

I donít ordinarily listen to him, but just came across the video and thought it was an interesting perspective, even from him.
No NFL team has depth enough to lose their best players  
BillT : 8/11/2018 10:01 am : link
Sure some teams can afford to lose their third best OL or second best LB or DT or the like. But no team loses their best WR or pass rusher or CB and isnít affected. The depth issue is more about who you lose. The Giants can survive losing some guys but not others just like everyone else.
Sorry, my point above  
BillT : 8/11/2018 10:04 am : link
Is that the Giants have the starting talent to compete and the lack of depth issue for them is overrated.
Cowherd is Very Smart  
Samiam : 8/11/2018 10:08 am : link
Only when he agrees with me. Otherwise, heís a loudmouth no nothing. This time he agrees with me
Our starting units are solid......  
SGMen : 8/11/2018 10:32 am : link
We are paper thin at CB, even WR. Its early but I break this team down as follows, assuming average overall health:

1. Strong run game
2. Strong pass game as we have four studs to try and cover.
3. Strong run defense
4. Bad pass defense as we struggle to pressure QBS and our secondary lacks depth.
5. Average special teams.
6. Improved Coaching and Mindset.

The biggest thing that could derail this team outside of injuries is Eli. Has he lost the ability to sidestep a rush? Or developed the "deer in headlights" psyche? Until the Jags game we won't truly know.
RE: Sorry, my point above  
ZGiants98 : 8/11/2018 11:43 am : link
In comment 14036162 BillT said:
Is that the Giants have the starting talent to compete and the lack of depth issue for them is overrated.

I agree and some of the units people are pointing to are a bit much. I see everybody saying we have a lack of depth at safety for example. Huh? Curtis Riley is listed as the starter currently so presumably Adams and Thompson are backups. These are two guys that were "meh" starters but was backups? They have a ton of experience. That actually makes the "backup unit strong.
The schedule is a killer early on  
The_Boss : 8/11/2018 11:44 am : link
I think theyíll be buried by the bye with a 2-6 record only to rally in the 2nd half to finish with a draft spot ruining 7-9 record. So I guess Cowherd is right. I have them more than doubling their win total from a year ago,
Im much more worried about our starting units  
ZGiants98 : 8/11/2018 11:45 am : link
than I am our "depth". Can our starting offensive line be decent? Can Apple be a shutdown CB2? Can Latimer be the key 3rd receiver this team needs on the outside?

Our depth is fine.
The best thing to come out of game 1?  
Dave on the UWS : 8/11/2018 11:45 am : link
The line play on both sides was markedly better than last year. What did Getts say when he took over. Build from the inside out. Better line play was the goal for him and Shurmur. Good start! No massive warts on the OL that I saw (even Flowers did pretty well for his first action at RT). Backups, particularly Wheeler, did well. A lot of good stuff stopping the run all game on defense from the lines.
I was disappointed while watching (probably mostly because of Webb), but when I stepped back to think about what I saw with individuals, I wasn't so upset.
Boss- don't worry about the schedule  
Dave on the UWS : 8/11/2018 11:48 am : link
Everyone thought the Giants would be a "tough" game before last season. You never know. They just have to develop and get better and everything will take care of themselves. For example, I really don't think Jacksonville has a better starting 22 than we do. Lets see what happens on the field.
Keep in mind  
bluesince56 : 8/11/2018 11:59 am : link
The Giants won 11 games just two years ago with no running game and OL. Just saying, You never know.
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