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Monday Media Transcript: Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/13/2018 2:52 pm
Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard
August 13, 2018
Opening Remarks: She’s (Shepard’s newborn daughter Cali) doing good. We just got to take her home yesterday, she’s good, getting used to her room and everything, getting used to the surroundings. Everything has been good so far.
Q:  Is she walking yet?
A: Not quite, not quite, we’re getting there.
Q: What was it like for you? Kind of take us through it when you found out it was happening. What were your emotions at that time?
A: I was thinking it was going to happen on that game day but we woke up the next morning, she (Shepard’s wife Chanel) stood up, her water broke, and we went right to the hospital. She did great, I was there every step of the way. It was pretty graphic, but it was good. She did a great job. Our moms were there, our families were there, everything went perfect.
Q: That’s some pretty good timing, right? You’ve kind of had two days there. Well, you probably missed a little bit on Friday, but Saturday you were off anyway, right?
A: Yeah, they didn’t do much on Friday either, so it was perfect timing. She’s a very considerate baby, she came out right on time. It was nine days earlier than what it was supposed to be.
Q: Were you going to go to Detroit?
A: I wasn’t going to go there, wasn’t going to go to Detroit for the first few days. But like I said, she came out a little bit early for us.
Q: What’s her full name?
A: Cali Clay Shepard, so we share the same middle name. That’s what we came up with.
Q: You’ve played in big games, a lot of pressure, what was it like dealing with all that?
A: It was a little bit more intense. You kind of have an idea of what you’re going into on game day. There, you have no idea what’s going to happen or what could happen, so the nerves are kicking a little bit more. Like I said, I was on the side of the bed with her the whole time, I even caught myself pushing when the doctor was saying, ‘Push!’ and she was like, ‘What are you pushing for?’, but I was helping her out and she did a great job.
Q: Did experienced dad Saquon Barkley give you any tips yet?
A: No, he didn’t give me any tips. He’s a brand new dad just like me so we’re trying to figure it out together. Eli (Manning) and them, they’ve been helping me out, all the older guys, Zak DeOssie.
Q: This was Friday?
A: Yeah, Friday.
Q: When you say they’ve been helping you out, what kind of advice (have they been giving you)?
A: Just advice. From breast feeding to having to be up and helping the wife out when you get home, you don’t really know what she’s going through throughout the day so when you get home, help her out a bit so she can have some time to herself and things like that.
Q: Start the college fund, too?
A: Yeah, we started that.
Q: It’s a little different. Most new fathers, they might be at home for three or four days, you have to go right back at your job. Do you have any qualms about that?
A: Yeah, I mean, it’s tough, especially when she’s a newborn, she just came out so you want to be there with her but you also have to provide for her – that’s another thing that a father has to do, so I’m here with the team and all my time is invested into that and that’s what I’m focused on when I get into the building.
Q: Are you looking to have a few reps with Odell (Beckham) during the preseason? He didn’t play the first game, is it a big deal? Are you looking forward to maybe getting out there with him for the first time?
A: Yeah, I mean, I get enough reps with him at practice. I have no idea what’s going on with that. Whatever happens, happens, but I get enough snaps with him.
Q: How much are you looking forward to going against another team out there in Detroit?
A: Yeah, I got to play a few snaps the other night, kind of got to get my feet wet. I’m looking forward to maybe playing a little bit more this game, it’s always good when you get to go against a guy in a different jersey.

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