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Monday Media Transcript: Cornerback Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/13/2018 2:54 pm
Cornerback Eli Apple
August 13, 2018

Q: What are you looking forward to with these practices with another team?

A: Working on technique, getting better and working on communication with my guys.

Q: How do you treat it since you are going up against another teamís receivers?

A: Just working on your technique, hand placement, eye control, all that.

Q: Does it benefit you to go against guys you donít know well?

A: Its always good to go against other receivers because they can give you something different. You are going to get that during the season, so you want to take full advantage of that.

Q: We have seen teams all around the league do this and there are fights and altercations. How does that not happen, and do you expect it to happen?

A: Stay disciplined, stay within your technique and understand you have to be disciplined out there and under control. Get together with your guys and donít do anything extra.

Q: Has coach discussed fighting with you guys, what is the message?

A: No fighting, no talking. Itís all about technique and communication with your guys and trying to get better.

Q: You have to trust that the other guys got that message?

A: Everybody got it.

Q: You have to trust that the Lions received that message, too?

A: We arenít worried about them, we are just worried about ourselves. We can only control us.

Q: You have gone against Odell in camp the last two years. How does this year compare? Is he the same?

A: Yeah, heís still O, still the same guy. Heís still fast. If anything, he might have gotten faster, I think. I think heís going to have a great season.

Q: Looks like things got heated today and you were trying to play peacemaker, is that a usual role for you?

A: Yeah, Iím always trying to get in between things and calm stuff down. Just have to keep doing that and hopefully keep things under control.

Q: Are you a good peacemaker?

A: I think I did a good job just easing things up. Talking to them in a calm manner.

Q: One of the things the Browns did well was that back shoulder throw. Is there a way to defend that?

A: Sometimes a great throw can beat really good coverage, but I think if you feel it out and anticipate it a little bit better, you can play it better.

Q: When you see the injuries to the players behind you, does that put more on you and Janoris?

A: Not really, we are still getting the same reps and trying to take advantage of our opportunities.

Q: Is this a good break from training camp?

A: Itís not a break. We are all gassed, we are going, itís a different scene, but itís not a break at all.

Q: When you say gassed, is that mindset you guys have had during camp, is that a point of emphasis?

A: We are just trying to get better every day.

Q: When you practice, is the mindset more like a game or a practice?

A: Today felt like a game honestly. It was a good practice, I think. A lot of guys got better today.

Q: What about when you go against the Lions, will that feel like a game?

A: Definitely, itís going to be intense.

Q: Do anything for your birthday?

A: Nothing. Just went back home, got some presents and thatís about it.
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