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Tuesday Media Transcript: Safety Curtis Riley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/14/2018 2:08 pm
Safety Curtis Riley
August 14, 2018
Joint Practice with Detroit
Re: new rules regarding tackling
A: In a game situation, with the new rules and stuff, I have to lower my target and make sure Iím hitting the right spot.

Q: (Inaudible)
A: Oh yeah, definitely, big collision.

Q: Was it the same situation when 19 had the post there? It looked like you were ready to make a hit if you were in a real game?
A: I canít even remember that play, I canít remember off the top of my head.

Q: There was nothing close to anything like fights or altercations, were there?
A: Oh no. Both teams came out here, we had our mind set that we were going to go to work, put all of that stuff aside and just had another practice.

Q: How do you hold onto this starting job now that youíve had it for two days in a row?
A: I just have to keep doing things consistently, doing everything that Iím doing right now. Have to make sure Iím making all the right calls, canít go out there having any of these technical errors and stuff like that. Just have to be consistent, thatís the main thing.

Q: How big of a test do you think Friday night will be for you in terms of that stuff?
A: I just have to come into it as a practice, same as practice. Everything I do in practice is translated into the game. It makes the game easier if Iím doing all the right things in practice.

Q: (Speak about) your relationship with Landon Collins and the D-Backs and how you learn from them, from the veterans?
A: Me and Landon (Collins), weíre building a relationship because weíre the ones out there right now. Weíre trying to build a chemistry together so I know what heís doing, I know how he sees things, he knows how I see things. Weíre trying to make sure weíre on the same page with everything.
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