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Tuesday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/14/2018 2:10 pm
TE Evan Engram
August 14, 2018
Joint Practice with Detroit

Q: What was it like out there today practicing against Detroit?
A:† It was a little different, definitely. Different guys youíre competing with, different techniques, different DBs, D ends, theyíre all the same, same press coverage, same big strong defensive ends and stuff. It was definitely fun, we got some good work in and had some good periods. Having that different personnel is a good thing. It was a good practice, really positive.

Q:† It seems like the offense was sharp.† The ball wasnít on the ground very much.
A: Yeah. We had a couple good really good periods. That two-minute period we had, we were moving the ball, making big plays. We just had that one pick that weíve got to fix, but other than that, we had a really (constructive) day. Had some good one on ones, had a good seven on seven period, and all groups Ė ones, twos, and threes Ė were able to run the ball really effectively too. It was a good day offensively. Hopefully we just keep building and keep improving and find our little mistakes today and correct tose.†

Q:† Offense can look a little different when Odell is taking over full reps. (How does that help you?)
A: Oh yeah. Definitely. Heís a really dynamic player, and heís one of the best receivers in the league, so obviously having him out there and making those big plays especially in crucial moments like that two-minute drill, itís good to have. Definitely a big help for us.

Q:† Do you think that was an early whistle (on that ball) that was thrown across the middle?
A:† The one I had?

Q: No, the one Odell had.
A: Oh yeah. In game, that wouldíve been a bigger gain than it already was.

Q:† Saquon wasnít out there today, but what does he bring when he is there? What have you seen from him in this short time so far?†
A:† Just a guy whoís ready to come in and make an impact. Heís ready to learn. Heís picking up on everything real fast, and heís just another dynamic playmaker that could break a play for 60. Heís a breakout big-play player thatís going to help us a lot having his presence with us out there.†

Q: It feels like the whole field is in play. You can run the seam, youíve got the outside and inside receivers, youíve got the running game now. Could this be one of the best playmaking units?†
A: Thatís what weíre working for. Definitely. Itís not going to just happen, weíve got to put the work in, weíve got to put everything together, all positions have to be on point and just keep working each and every day and put it all together. We have the potential, we have the personnel. Weíve just got to put it together, put the work in, and make the big plays when the opportunity is there.†

Q: How do you like the joint practices as far as competition level, being able to build towards the game Friday?
A: I like it. Not even thinking about the game, just today having those one on ones against those safeties and seeing kind of different techniques. You practice against our defense, Iím in the same defense for a couple weeks, they start learning your releases and learning and kind of getting a grip on things you like to do, so having that different personnel, being able to work on certain things and things that they havenít seen was really good for me. I like it, itís definitely going to be fun on Friday when we put it all together.††

Q: Did you have any impressions of any of the defensive backs or linebackers you went against?
A: 32 (Tavon Wilson). I saw him a couple times today. I was really excited to be with him. We played against them last year, and he was really good in cover, so we went at it a couple times today and he had some good defense, and gave me some good looks and stuff, so Iím looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow and going against him and a couple of those linebackers in different settings.†

Q: Thereís lots of talk about Odell versus (CB Darius Slay). Did Odell seem more geared up to go against Slay in practice today? Did you notice that as his teammate?†
A: I mean, thatís him every day. He wants to come out here and work every day. He knows Slayís a good cornerback, one of the best in the league, and heís going to come and bring it, but thatís just part of getting better each and every day, coming out here against good competition, and heís definitely some of the best competition. Odell was definitely excited about getting up here and practicing against Slay for sure.

Q: What about Slayís game stands out to you?
A: He has really good hips. Just seeing him on film, he can play on top of guys then if guys are trying to break and come back to the ball, heís able to shift gears really quickly and stay on the receiverís hip. Definitely got to use speed against him, but his hops and changing direction is really impressive. It makes it harder for receivers, for sure.
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