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Tuesday Media Transcript: Running Back Wayne Gallman Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/14/2018 2:11 pm
Running Back Wayne Gallman Jr.

August 14, 2018

Joint Practice with Detroit

Q: How did the offense look today?

A: I think the offense did really well today. In terms of the line to the receivers, to the backs all getting the job done, I think we did a good job.

Q: Is this a big test for you guys, going up against a new look?

A: We didnít know what to determine with all the fighting that you hear on the outside. I think today went really well.

Q: It seemed to be very business-like today?

A: Yea, everybody on the field was about their business, everyone was just doing their job, no one was trying to distract each other. Everyone was just sticking to what they were doing and getting the job done.

Q: Are you a much better receiver than you were last year?

A: I think I am, in terms of confidence and knowing what the quarterbacks want.

Q: You put in a lot of work in that area in the off-season?

A: I put in a lot of work in everything

Q: Is there a lot of concern over Saquon?

A: No concern, thatís my guy. You donít get drafted number two for no reason, thatís my boy and we are going to work together.

Q: With his hamstring, do you get a sense for how he is feeling?

A: From all I know, Saquon is feeling good, heís just doing protocol right now, you know just trying to get it right.

Q: You didnít get much time to play with Odell last year, just curious what your thoughts are on how he looks?

A: He always looks good. Even when I came to training camp last year, just seeing him out there and from what I saw on TV in college, itís crazy what he can do.

Q: What kind of dimension does that add to this offense?

A: I think it adds a big dimension. You have Eli on the field, you have to be aware of the pass because he can throw. You have receivers like Odell and Shep, and you have backs in the backfield who are capable of doing whatever we can. I think we have a pretty balanced offense.

Q: Did Eli look especially sharp today?

A: Yea, heís been looking like that since the off-season started. He went right to work just like everyone else, and heís ready for a better ear than he had last year.
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