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Wednesday Media Transcript: NT Damon ďSnacksĒ Harrison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/15/2018 2:16 pm
Defensive Lineman Damon ďSnacksĒ Harrison
August 15, 2018
Joint Practice with Detroit

Re: Joint practices
A: Itís been very competitive, itís good to go against somebody other than our own. Itís weird, itís my first joint practice, itís everything that I expected, I think itís good for both sides.

Q: A lot of talking going on between the linemen during practice?
A: No, no. I think itís different for us than it is for the other position groups. Itís just more so about getting your fits in, getting where your supposed to be. Thereís a lot of professionals out there, so it hasnít been too chippy.†

Q: With what you guys are doing on the line, sometimes itís two guys, sometimes itís three guys, sometimes itís been four, five, six, what dimension does that add to your defense? We (the Media) keep calling it a 3-4 but itís not always 3 and then 4.
A: Right, you have to keep them guessing. It just adds a little bit to where an offensive coordinator has to game plan a bit differently. You donít know what weíll be in, thereís never a set line so you canít really dictate what we do. We have to play our game and hopefully the offense wonít adjust to what weíre doing.

Q: Youíre obviously one of the top defensive players in the league. One of the other top defensive players in the league, Jalen Ramsey, took a shot at two of your teammates today. He said that ĎOdell (Beckham Jr.) makes Eli (Manning) good, the only reason that makes Eli good is that he has Odellís connectioní, any reply to that?
A: The man is entitled to his own opinion. Eli and Odell, Iím sure they wonít say anything or if they do, theyíll give their opinion but as for me, I watch those guys work every day so I know what theyíre capable of.

Q: Obviously you donít feel that way?
A: I know what theyíre capable of.

Q: Youíre out there a lot with Dalvin (Tomlinson) and B.J. (Hill) everyday, have you seen them improve since the start of camp to now?
A: Oh yeah, definitely. Itís weird because Iím used to just being out there with Dalvin. So exactly where Dalvin was last year, now itís B.J. Hill, thatís just an adjustment for me to getting used to the opposite but both those young guys have made a lot of great plays in the games and on the practice field and I think B.J. will be a really, really good player in this league.
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