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Sunday Media Transcript: Wide Receiver Cody Latimer

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/19/2018 6:27 pm
Wide Receiver Cody Latimer

August 19, 2018

Q: At this point in camp, where do you think the offense has shown the most progress?

A: I think we have shown a lot of progress all around. In the run game, especially Saquon in the first game, our running backs look amazing. We had three rushing touchdowns last game, quarterbacks moving, running backs moving. We are improving in every part of the offense, blocking wise, blocking for the run, blocking for the pass. Receivers are going out making plays, the quarterbacks are putting the ball where itís supposed to be.

Q: Now that you have been around him for a while, what is Eli Manning like?

A: Heís a quiet guy. He loves his job, very hard working. Heís always out there doing extra. Like I said, heís a great pro. I watched him a lot in the off-season, followed his lead, seeing how hard he studied, seeing how much extra work he put in on and off the field. The extra sprints that he does, leaving the building last, somebody that you love to be around. If you want to become a pro, watch him.

Q: Are you interested to see what this offense will do with Odell in a game?

A: Iím very excited for that. We have a lot of weapons on offense. It looks good on paper, but I canít wait until all the pieces finally come together and we are out there seeing the ball around making plays, and also making plays in the run game. I think it can be very powerful this year. The defense is going to have to draw up a lot of different things to stop it.

Q: How much do you do in terms of run blocking, is that a big part of your role?

A: I think itís a big part, (coach) Tyke (Tolbert) is very heavy on that. He puts emphasis on it for us. When you open up the run game, cracking safeties and making sure your guy doesnít make the tackle, it opens up the pass game. You have to be able to have a balanced offense, you have to be able to run it and throw it. We are blocking our butts off for the run to make big plays. It opens up passes for us.

Q: Everybody has to play all the receiver positions, are you doing any slot?

A: Yeah, we have different formations and things. Itís the preseason, in practice we are moving around, but you are not going to show too much during the game, you donít want to give everything away. Like you said, we are all playing different positions, in the slot, outside, motioning and doing different things. When that time comes, you will see it.

Q: What did you think of Davis Webbís performance the other night?

A: I think it was great. He looked very poised back there, making the right reads, making the right decisions and putting the ball where it needs to be. I think he had an excellent game, he controlled the huddle, he controlled the game for us, he is going to keep going.

Q: Did he feel like a starting quarterback in the huddle?

A: Yeah, he was excited from the jump. Webb is always excited, upbeat and ready to go. He got to get that start off last game and he made the most of the opportunity.
This guy is going to be the #3 wr  
mattlawson : 8/19/2018 8:50 pm : link
See a lot of potential here
One of the benefits to having him  
Dave on the UWS : 8/19/2018 8:56 pm : link
in the game is his size (. 6-2 and 210) run blocking. It helps.
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