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Tuesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/21/2018 3:39 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur
August 21, 2018

Opening Remarks: Victor Cruz. He retired today. What a great Giant. I remember playing against him when I was in Philly and we were certainly well aware of the impact he could have on a ball game. I had a chance to meet him and be around him, and he certainly doesnít need an invite from me, but much like all the ex-Giants, I look forward to seeing him at practice any time he wants to be here. So, congratulations to him. With that, Iíll take your questions.

Q: Thatís one the things we read that you did when you first started, you reached out to (Michael) Strahan and Tiki Barber. What is the importance of involving the former players?
A:†I think whatís important is they understand what it means to be a Giant from a playerís perspective, and they understand what it takes to win Super Bowls. I talk to everybody, not just players. I called some former (Giants) coaches as well, because I think itís important to hear their perspective, and Iím always looking for perspective. Maybe thereís something that they say that might help me message the team, or maybe theyíll tell me something that was really special to them as they were building a champion, and so I think itís important to embrace the great players from the past.

Q: You talked yesterday about moving the offensive linemenís lockers together. Obviously there were some issues in this locker room in general last year. How big of a believer are you in team chemistry and how are you trying to foster that this year?
A: Yeah, itís the ultimate team sport and team chemistry is one of the most important things, and thatís why itís so important. Players can train off on their own and then we could come together and put something together and play, but the ability to train with each other and build that bond that they care about one another and theyíre doing what they do for their teammates. I talk about team all the time, and Iím very fortunate here that weíve got guys that find team things to talk about. Today I showed the team just a quick little blurb on Derek Jeter when he was talking when they had their 20 year reunion of the 1998 team, and he had a little video he showed to his teammates because he didnít make it to the event because it was his daughterís first birthday, and it was a great team message. Just an example of how Iím constantly talking about team and I really do believe if weíre going to get where we need to go, we need to be a really galvanized group of guys.††††

Q:† We saw Eli (Manning) and Odell (Beckham) during practice work behind the group. Whatís the goal there? What causes them to do that at that time?
A: They just want to get on the same page, and at this point, weíre still practicing with all 90 guys. Some of the general reps together arenít as many, and I can see right now through the window theyíre out there doing it again. But Iím used to that. Typically a quarterback will say, Ďhey, listen, after practice letís get a stop nine. After practice, letís get this, letís get that.í Theyíre out there doing it now, which is a good thing.

Q:†How vital is it to what you want to do as an offense that come September 9th and moving on from there that Eli and Odell are on that same page?
A: I think itís very critical. Two of our best players and two guys that are going to hopefully touch the ball a lot, so itís important that they know what theyíre doing.

Q: They go about it in such different ways, but is it possible both are perfectionists?†
A: Theyíre definitely both perfectionists. I think theyíre not from the same generation, though. You have Odell and then you have Eli. They give me grief because I talk about his age. Itís real Ė unless they faked his birth certificate, I think heís 37. Odell is much younger. Because of that, thereís a difference in how they look at things, but theyíre both perfectionists.

Q:† Youíve seen obviously situations like Odellís over the years that have turned into bigger issues than this one has with the contracts. Is that something youíve done to minimize the distraction, something Odellís done, or is that just generally not a big deal?
A:† I think going back to when I first got here and itís one of the things on my list I wanted to do this time around from the last time, is just start to build relationships with the players, and the players understand how important team is. They understand how important presence is, how important a good performance in practice is, and so those are things you talk about and hopefully you head off problems because thereís a pre-existing relationship there. If we just go about our business and all show up, and pretend like weíre just going to do our jobs and then move on willy-nilly, well, it doesnít work that way.††††

Q: When you do the period with the cards, how does evaluation work? I know youíre in camp mode, but are you only looking at one side of the ball more there?
A: No, weíre looking at the effort on the other side of the ball, but weíre trying to mock up what the other team does. Itís probably hard for you, if so and so made a play on so and so, it probably screws up your calculations, but weíre looking at obviously the execution of the team working against the cards, but itís also making sure that we get the good effort. And thatís part of it really at this point, because when the season starts, these are drills where they need to be competitive, but itís for the offense, the ball goes up and weíve got to make sure the offense makes a play, and when itís for the defense and the ball goes up, we disrupt it. Thereís learning involved so that once we get to the season, we can do that and get as much out of it as possible.

Q: So theyíre running until the end of the play, the team thatís on cards?†
A: No, theyíre going 100 percent, but then the ball in the air, theyíll fight for it to some degree. Iíd be careful when youíre clicking off who beat who, Iíve been told that happens once in a while.††††

Q: Being new to the area, how indoctrinated are you to Jets-Giants Ė I donít know if ďrivalryĒ is the right word, but the way the fans feel about each other, the way the franchises feel about each other?†
A: I donít know that. Iíve heard a little bit, but Iím also a guy who thinks you can root for the Yankees and then root for the Mets. But you know Iím a little off center. Weíre going to go out and compete with the Jets and try to do what we can to get our team right, and do what we can to try to win the game. That runs parallel, and Iíve heard thereís a little bit of a rivalry here, so weíll deal with it. Iíve got a lot of respect for Todd Bowles and, certainly, weíve already talked about one of their players, so we donít need to go into that anymore. Iíve got a lot of respect for what they are as an organization and I think weíre both going to play this game with the same thing in mind Ė get our team better, find out what our team is all about.

Q: The play down the left sideline where Odell seemed to have a few steps on Jackrabbit, and then the ball was underthrown and Jackrabbit tipped it away. Is that simply an underthrown ball?†††
A: We just didnít connect. It was a good route, good throw, good defense.

Q: Two-part questions. Is Odell going to play on Friday night?†
A: Weíll see. Itís good to piggy-back another question because you knew I was going to give you a real short answer on that one.

Q: Is he physically ready to play in a game?
A: Heís doing really well in practice here, so weíll see where heís at. Again, coming back from injury, so weíll try to be smart with him.

Q: Howís Saquon (Barkley)?
A: Coming back. As we all know, he tweaked his hamstring, and heís training really well and doing more and more each day. We like the path heís on.

Q: Do you feel like you need to see him in another preseason game or are you going to let it play out the way it has?
A: Weíll see how it plays out.

Q: Is it safe to say you can be more conservative in the preseason than you would be in the regular season when it comes to certain injuries?
A: Conservative? I donít know about conservative. I think we would want to always try to be smart. Iím not really fond of the word conservative. I just think we want to be smart.
If this guy wins football games here  
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