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Wednesday Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/22/2018 3:12 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur
August 22, 2018

Opening Statement: Were 48 hours out, I tried to mock up within reason what a typical Friday would look like. You go fast, blink fast, we have very little tolerance for mistakes, we exaggerate communication getting in and out of the huddle. We hit as many situations as possible, You kind of cap off the preparation before you have the day before a walk through, thats what you saw today.

Q: Will you do a traditional walk through tomorrow?
A: Tomorrows a mock game, Ill have a traditional schedule. Theyll come in on Monday, well watch the tape, settle all debts. That way if they are a little angry with me they can go home on their off day, simmer down and come back on (Wednesday). Basically I think its important to clean up the game film and otherwise then come back Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and train. Saturday have a traditional mock game, which is more mental.

Q: What have you seen from Saquon?
A: Well, he practiced today, so hes getting back out there. Hes coming back from his tweak.

Q: How important is that?
A: Its very important for guys to practice, no question.

Q: I meant getting him into another pre-season game?
A: Well see.

Q: You started to say were going to be. about Saquon, what was that next word?
A: Were going to be smart.

Q: Are you okay going into Week 1 without having had Beckham and Barkley on the field together?
A: Well see if that actually happens.

Q: How important is it to get Odell in a pre-season game?
A: We try to be smart with it. Hes gotten so much work behind the scenes, well just have to see how it plays out.

Q: One of biggest differences between now and when you were in Cleveland is there are no cut down days prior to the cut to 53. How does that change the mentality of a coach in those last couple of weeks?
A: It really doesnt. Where the challenge really is, is for the personnel people. Now the market is flooded with players as opposed to in segments where you can decide if the guys that were cut fit your roster or would upgrade your group. Now there is just a lot of players all out there at one time. Thats where the challenge is, thats a much better question for the personnel end of things.

Q: How big of a challenge is it to transition from corner to safety and how has William Gay handled that?
A: Well, certainly as a safety you have to communicate more, but he has been a nickel player before. Typically, you have to communicate on the inside of the defense. I think hes done a good job with it. Certainly, when you play the back end you have to be able to play the middle of the field and play down in man and zone from there. You have to be able to tackle, which hes been able to do. We feel like he can make the transition, well just see how it plays out.

Q: What has B.W. Webb done that stands out to you in terms of getting the upper hand in the nickel corner spot?
A: I wouldnt say hes got the upper hand. What I would say is hes done a good job to this point, and hes done a good job covering the slot, and covering outside. Thats why hes got our attention.

Q: The starters have gone from two series to maybe three or four series in the first two games? Will they play more than that this week?
A: Typically, the starters play more in this third preseason game.

Q: How much value do you put into this game in general, in terms of the evaluation process?
A: Its part of it. Its one of the four games we look at. Its just like any other game. I think youve got to put equal stock in all the games. Its not like old Catholic school, you know. You cant throw out your worst test (laughter). They all count, everything counts. What you hope to see is players play better as they go. If they played quite a bit at this point, and theyve kind of had a good performance, you like to them play better.

Q: What have you seen out of (RB) Jhurrell Pressley, and will he be expected to play come Friday?
A: Good question. Jhurrell Pressley, hes a guy that Im familiar with from Minnesota. He competed hard for us there. Hes a tough guy, hes fast. Were going to get him in the game, and hes going to play for us. Hes a terrific young man as well. Plus, it was easy to get him here. He was down there in Delaware. So, it was a quick drive up. We like what weve seen in the past. Hes going to get his opportunity.

Q: What do you like about (C) Jon Halapio and how hes handled that offensive line?
A: Jon is very smart. He blinks fast. He makes good decisions in terms of getting us going in the right direction. He generally plays center for us at this point.

Q: Do you have an admiration for guys whove overcome adversity from being on various practice squads, things like that?
A: Im fine with guys that got some scars, and some adversity, and they push through it. One thing about guys that push through adversity, they develop a mindset to handle adversity when it comes down the road. Sometimes, guys that havent had to face much, and then all of a sudden theyre faced with a third-and-five in the stadium, you dont know what their mechanisms are.

Q: How has (DB) Grant Haley been performing?
A: Hes a competitive guy. Hes tough, and he plays very hard. I think hes made improvements. I think thats what you like to see from a young man.

Q: Whats your thought about the Washington Redskins obtaining (RB) Adrian Peterson, a guy you once coached? How do you feel about going against him twice this year?
A: Hes an outstanding player, that goes without saying. Hes a hard runner. Our guys are going to have to make sure they get their pads low to tackle him when hes in there. Blinks fast, makes good decisions, doesnt doubt things. So, when they see it, they know what theyre looking for. When they see it, they pull the trigger.
I guess  
Jim in South Florida : 8/22/2018 3:18 pm : link
Blinks fast has replaced heavy handed ;)
It wasnt too big for him.  
mattlawson : 8/22/2018 10:12 pm : link
Hes a talented man of integrity. Takes care of the duke well.
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