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Wednesday Media Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/22/2018 3:23 pm
Safety Landon Collins
August 22, 2018

Q: Why are you in such a good mood?
A: Iím about to go to the movies.

Q: What are you seeing?
A: I donít know the name of it, I just know Iím going to the movies, thatís all I know.

Q: Your thoughts after two preseason games on the new helmet rule?
A: It is still being worked out. Thereís a lot of, ĎIs this a helmet to helmet?í, ĎIs this not?í, so weíre still working on it as a team and trying to keep our heads out of it, still working on it.

Q:† Are you tackling any different or are you doing what youíve always done and counting on that not being a penalty?
A: Iím just doing what Iíve done always, I mean, Iíve always kept my head up tackling, so just trying to continue doing that with it.

Q: What are you trying to get accomplished in the third preseason game?
A: I think weíre going to play about three quarters, so Iím excited about almost getting a whole game in and making sure we stay on the same page as a defense and making sure we donít have any mental errors out there, playing fast and playing with a lot of aggression.

Q: That seems to be your focus, the mental errors part of it. Is that different than usual at all? Is that because itís a new defense?
A: Yeah, itís just because itís a new defense. We want to make sure we get everything correct, be sound, be prepared and always playing fast.

Q: What are your thoughts on playing against the Jets and (Sam) Darnold?
A:† Iím excited. Heís a rookie, we feast on rookies sometimes. Itís always an exciting game. To see him play, heís going to have a fantastic career once he gets it going and I know heís going to do a great job at the Jets, but youíre playing against a good defense and weíre going to have fun with it.

Q: Youíve practiced with (Janoris) Jenkins for three years, is he practicing at another level right now?
A: Jackrabbit? He doesnít like to be called ĎJenkí. (laughter) He always plays at a high level, he always practices at a high level, always on the same page with me and the other safeties and the other cornerbacks and always staying ahead of the game. Thatís Jackrabbit for us. I always expect 100 percent from him. Thatís what he gives me, even if heís hurt.

Q : When you see the outside linebackers like Olivier Vernon just flying to the ball, how much of a boost does that give the secondary?
A: It gives us a big boost. We kind of get like, ĎMan, we want some plays at the back endí, but at the end of the day they take a lot of stress off of our legs and a lot of running off of our legs and thatís a plus because we can run for four quarters instead of two. Itís good.

Q: Pat Shurmur talked the other day about naming captains after the last preseason game. Is that something you would be interested in? Taking on that responsibility?
A: You know me, thatís an easy question, yes. I definitely want to be a captain of this defense one of these years.

Q: Last year, when things didnít always go right, thatís a year where that leadership kind of comes through?
A: It comes through regardless of the fact, winning or losing. If youíre winning, people get comfortable and youíve got to continue pressing that. You canít get comfortable in this league. If you get comfortable, you get sent home. From that point of view, it goes hand in hand. If youíre losing, you definitely need it (leadership) and when youíre winning, you especially need it because you need to keep everybody focused.

Q: Do you like moving around so much pre-snap?
A: Yeah, honestly, guys key on me. Offensive guys, especially coordinators and quarterbacks, I see them eyeing me all the time, saying Ď21í or stuff like that. Just trying to move in and out of the box, trying not to give them a clean read on where weíre coming from and stuff like that, or give them an idea of what kind of defense we are in, so yeah, I like to move up and down, side to side.

Q: Does (Defensive Coordinator James) Bettcher ask you to do that or gives you the freedom to do it when you think itís necessary?
A: They kind of give me the freedom to do it. Honestly, they donít ask me to do it. They know I know I can get to my position wherever Iím at on the field and do a good job at it.

Q: Is that the kind of thing that could lead to a season like í16, where you had the sacks, all the interceptions, tackles? Can that new role get you back to that?
A: Yeah, thatís the purpose of doing it. You give a confusing look, you get sacks from other sides. You give them a confusing look, I get a sack. So it works hand in hand.

Q: You were about to say Sam (Darnold) is going to play against a Ďgreatí defense and you kind of stopped and said Ďgoodí, why?
A: Why did I stop? Because at the end of the day weíre going to be good regardless of the fact, but until those stats come out and we put it on paper when it counts the most, thatís when weíre going to call ourselves great.†††
Landon really is a throwback type player..  
bLiTz 2k : 8/22/2018 6:01 pm : link
He has been a little brash in the media in the past, but this is the type of football player every coach wishes they could have.

Hell, even Parcells said hed be one of the guys that could play back then. I hope we can sign him to a long term deal sooner rather than later.
Jerry Reese has been criticized a lot here, and much of it has been  
Ira : 8/22/2018 6:34 pm : link
deserved. But trading up to get Collins was a brilliant move.
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