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Post-Game Transcript: WR Hunter Sharp

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/25/2018 12:14 am
WR Hunter Sharp
August 24, 2018
Postgame at Jets
Q: (Inaudible): What did you see on that punt return for a touchdown?
A: You can kind of like, I donít know, show that itís punting one way, and punt it the other way. You kind of got to jump on it. My return team just set up a great wall. I had great blocks the whole way, and kind of just convoyed me into the end zone.

Q: You finished it off with a nasty stiff arm. How do you practice a stiff arm?
A: That like my little signature right there (laughter). You donít really practice it. You donít get the chance to because we never get to go full in practice. But when you get a chance, you just got to be angry with it.

Q: You had a couple of drops today. How do you bounce back from that?
A: Itsís honestly hard for me even to be happy about the touchdown because I have high expectations for myself. Honestly, I just have to bounce back and keep working.

Q: Are the couple drops just a concentration thing?
A: Itís been a concentration thing. Got to keep my head in the game. The more work I get, the easier it gets.

Q: But in practice, you never drop a ball. So is it something thatís not translating?
A: I donít know, honestly. Maybe thinking too much. I just have to continue to work.

Q: When you get that punt return, are you thinking you won the job?
A: I donít want to say anything, but I think Iíve put my best foot forward, and Iím just going to keep working.

Q: Is that what you can bring to the team, in terms of special teams?
A: Yeah, I feel like Iím a playmaker. So, I feel like I can bring a lot to the team if I just get the opportunity. And I have to take advantage of every opportunity I get.

Q: After last week, did you feel as if you needed to make a play?
A: Yeah, I definitely did. This week, I thought about that all week. It kind of just motivated me to catch some extra punts and just focus on the small things.

Q: Can you talk about the blocking on that play?
A: It was great blocking. Everything was right on that play, everything went right. Thatís what happens when everything goes right, you get a touchdown. Iím excited about this year and the punt return team that we have. The special teams coach, he pushes us.
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