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Post-Game Transcript: QB Davis Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/25/2018 12:28 am
QB Davis Webb
August 24, 2018
Postgame at Jets

ÖYour completion percentage often isnít going to be as high as you would like. I took a lot of shots down the field. I think off the top of my head, I took four or five down the field, Iíve got to complete more of those. I completed two out of five probably, so Iím going to work on those next week in practice. But thatís how you learn. There were some throws I couldíve made easier tonight, couldíve taken some stuff underneath. Thatís how you learn. Itís the third preseason game, third game Iíve actually played with practice time and everything, not including last year, so I think I did some good things. (Alonzo Russell) had a catch on that third and long on the post. That was pretty. That was fun to see.

Q: It seemed to me that both you and Eli (Manning) did a lot of moving, a lot of moving pockets going side to side and even throwing on the move. Was that something that was designed going into tonight?
A:†Yeah, Eli is very athletic, the most athletic guy on our team, so he did a really good job throwing on the run, made some really nice throws. Guys got open. Cody (Latimer) played great, Sterling Shepard had a great catch on the sideline, but yeah, Eli extended some plays and made some great throws on the run. Thatís part of our offense, weíre going to be multiple, and Coach Shurmur did a good job dialing it up.†

Q: At the same time, coach Shurmur also told us he was disappointed that the run game was not where it needed to be, especially in the first half. What did you see there?
A: Yeah, I think the safeties were down tight, which allowed us to throw the ball down the field a little bit more. When the safeties are down tight and give you an eight-man box, theyíre bringing the strong safeties and free safeties off the edge, the running game is going to be tough to get going at times. Youíve got to stick with it. I think our offensive linemen did a great job, (Brett Jones), and (Jhurrell Pressley), heís been here for 72 hours and he ran very, very hard. Lot of credit to him. Wayne Gallman did a great job of catching the football and running hard. I think we did some good things, Iím not too worried about our run game. I thought our O line did a great job tonight protecting the quarterback. Again, no sacks, as I can recall, so thatís back to back games. Kudos to those guys. They work hard.

Q:† Whether itís you last week or Eli with 17 of 23 today, Shurmurís offense is designed for completions, right? Itís a high completion offense?
A: One hundred percent. I know I can get my completion percentage up. Thereís a couple close, couldíve gone either way, but we take shots down the field. Your completion percentage is going to go down. Once you start going 15 and under, your completion percentage is going to be higher. We took some shots down the field, I threw a couple posts.†
Canton : 8/25/2018 12:49 am : link
"Yeah, Eli is very athletic, the most athletic guy on our team"

Since when lol...
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