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Sunday Media Transcript: Center Jon Halapio

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2018 5:47 pm
Center Jon Halapio

August 26, 2018

Q: When did you hear about the Brett Jones trade?

A: In the middle of practice, we heard.

Q: Whatís your reaction, you guys were very close?

A: Iím happy for him, it sucks to see my friend go. Thatís the tough part about this business, you build relationships like this, but you know that sometimes it doesnít go that way for us to be together forever, itís not a marriage. Iím happy for him, itís closer to home for him and he gets an opportunity to go out there and play and display his talents and what he brings to the game, heís a good player.

Q: What does it mean to you with all the routes that have you have taken in your career, it now looks like you will be the starting center on opening day?

A: It still doesnít cross my mind. Iím still competing like Iím not the starter. Iím just going to keep approaching it that way until Week 1 and focus on trying to get everyone on the same page and get this running game going. Just try to improve one day at a time.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Brett?

A: No, hopefully I can after this.

Q: Have you ever seen anything like that, where a guy gets pulled off the practice field?

A: Yeah, my rookie year when I was with the Patriots, they traded Logan Mankins.

Q: What do you think the number one reason is that the coaches have confidence in you for this job?

A: I would like to think that I am improving every day. I would like to think that Iím ascending as a player. Ultimately, thatís a better question for coach Shurmur. Iím just trying to control what I can control and thatís trying to be on the same page as the other four offensive linemen.

Q: How much credit do you give to Brett for helping you learn the position?

A: I give a lot of credit to him. Like I said before, when I first started playing center, he has helped me through snapping, helped me understand the game. Hats off to Brett and I always thank him. If it wasnít for him, I wouldnít be in this position.

Q: Are you surprised at where you are? This time last year, did imagine yourself being the starting center?

A: Iím surprised Iím a center, but Iím not surprised Iím still playing here. Ultimately, thatís what I kept working for, I knew eventually my time will come. I just had to keep training and keep working for it, so Iím not surprised Iím still playing but I am surprised Iím playing center.

Q: To have veterans like Greco and Jerry on the second team offensive line, what does that do you for you guys as far as depth and having a known commodity?

A: Those guys are veteran players, they have a lot of game starts under their belts. It feels good that we have veteran leadership and depth in our room.

Q: How does it feel to now know you are the guy?

A: Iím just excited to keep playing, with the road I have taken to get here. In that aspect of me, just continuing playing, thatís what Iím happy for, that Iím still able to play. I feel like it wonít hit me until Week 1. We are still in training camp trying to compete, trying to get better. We are not a finished product, there is nothing to be proud of. We didnít win a Super Bowl or anything like that.
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