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Tuesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/28/2018 3:16 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur
August 28, 2018

Opening: Today, as you watched, practice was like a Friday. Put the guys through the paces and glad we had the heat one more time and I think they pushed through it. We actually had a little bit more with the idea that we have a game 12 days on the horizon and I think they did a good job with it.

Q: How relieving is it to get this Odell (Beckham Jr.) deal done and have that sort of in the background?
A: I mean, thatís been in the background, but for those of you that have been here all the way through, youíve seen that heís practiced hard, heís been training like he was going to play and this was obviously significant, but it was an issue of the day yesterday. Iíve been pleased with what heís done, getting himself ready to play and Iím sure for him, itís a relief to have it done.

Q: How did you approach your relationship with him as soon as you got this job?
A: Well, like any player, I just wanted to get to know him and he certainly is an outstanding player and heís going to help us win games and so I just wanted to get to know him like I did with the other players. That was it, just normal communication between a coach and a player and youíve heard me say it before, weíre here as coaches to help the players be the best they can be. Part of that starts by understanding who they are as players.

Q: Was there anything in that getting to know him process that kind of surprised you? That maybe the world didnít see that you were able to take and build on?
A: Iíve said it numerous times, but heís super passionate about football. What Iíve seen in this building and what Iíve learned early on is he really cares about what heís doing. He trains extremely hard. All the things that you need to do, you want to be great and I think I saw that quickly and really havenít been disappointed in any of that along the way.

Q: What about balancing the passion though? Sometimes thatís what gets him in trouble. How do you work with him to kind of balance that?
A: We all need to control our bodies and our minds and I think thatís Ė We talk about that with the players constantly, making sure they keep their composure. Thereís a real fine line from being competitive and then crossing that line. Heís no different than any other player and we all wrestle with it as competitors. When I was a player, I was involved in a fight or two myself, so I understand mentally how that plays out.

Q: I know he hasnít played in the preseason. If he had played, would you have run vanilla sort of plays because heís such a dynamic player? And as you get prepared for the game plan and for the regular season, are you kind of excited that you can really put him into use in the game plan?
A: First off, this contract stuff was running parallel to a player coming back from injury, so all along I wanted to be smart with the player and thatís what I did all along and what we were doing all along was to try to bring him back at the right pace and get him involved in as much as we could at the right pace. The contract thing was running parallel to that, but they were really two independent deals.

Q: Is there any doubt heís ready to go come week one?
A: Thereís no doubt in my mind heíll be ready to go against Jacksonville.

Q: When did you get to that point? When did you see he looked like what he was in the past?
A: Along the way, just watching film.

Q: Was the Detroit week big in that process?
A: The Detroit week was big. He got a chance to compete against some really fine corners and he did it in practice at a high level in really an uncontrolled setting, so we were able to see it then.

Q: Do you feel as though he has max level energy from what you were able to observe in Detroit going into week one?
A: Odell will be ready to go week one.

Q: Any update on Olivier (Vernon)?
A: No update. Same as yesterday, so weíre just working through his ankle.

Q: Are you going to give your first team O-line any work in Thursdayís game to get the run game going?
A: Weíll see.

Q: Thatís not a no.
A: Thatís not a no. Weíll see.

Q: What do you want to see from Davis (Webb) as this may be the last time he plays for a while?
A: Yeah, weíll see as we get ready to play the game. I think anybody that goes in there, we want to see them play good football. I think thatís the most important thing. On the short horizon here, we want the players to go in and play good winning football against New England and thatís what weíre looking for from all the players.

Q: Is there anyone specifically youíre really looking to get a long look at in this game as being that, you said before, a lot of your guys arenít going to play?
A: Weíll see. I donít mean to be cryptic about this, but weíll see. Really when you come down to it, I want to let our list of injuries kind of settle here and then weíre going to go in as a staff. We havenít finalized whoís playing in the game and before we do that as a staff, I certainly donít want to tell you something thatís inaccurate.

Q: What Iím getting at is more usually this time of year thereís a couple guys at the end of the roster that this game means probably more than for other guys. Do you have any positions that youíre specifically looking at at least?
A: No, I think itís important where weíre at, weíre a new staff, weíre a new team, that everybody goes out and plays well.

Q: You said Odell is ready. Do you feel like the Giants are ready for the regular season?
A: Well, weíre going to find that out. I feel like weíve done a lot of good things. I think weíre on the right path. Weíve certainly got a lot of work to do between now and first week and then teams improve as the season goes along, so this is a game Ė itís the ultimate team game, you have to practice this game and between the practice sessions, you play games. You do what you can to beat the opponent youíre playing on that Sunday and then you move on. Itís really a journey for a team to try to get enough wins to be in the playoffs and as you go through it, you hope as a team you stay healthy and then continue to improve.

Q: How did (Connor) Barwin come through yesterday?
A: Connor did well and he did a little bit more today as well. Heís on the right path as well.
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