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Monday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/3/2018 2:56 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur
September 3, 2018

Opening Remarks: Monday. Game week. This is always a unique day, you have to tell roughly 40 players theyíre no longer on the team. When I think about doing the cuts, we really feel good about the team we put together, but you have guys like Mark Herzlich, who helped this organization win a Super Bowl, played seven years in the league, the things heís gone through personally -- when you talk to a guy like that, you talk to John Jerry, the veteran players and you let them know theyíre not going to be on the initial 53, those are the tough conversations. Then Iím sure youíre going to have a lot of questions about Davis Webb. Talking with Davis, a young player that competed hard that you have the same conversation with, thatís where the human element of this comes in, but we make those decisions and then we move forward. That being said, we are all in on Jacksonville and Iíll try to answer your questions.

Q: At what point did you realize that Davis Webb was going to be cut? He was taking second reps all throughout camp, was there a moment where you figured this was move to make?
A:†Thereís no reason for me to talk about when. He was taking second teams reps. I think I mentioned long ago there was no depth chart behind Eli (Manning). We were trying to figure out who the guys playing quarterback were going to be behind Eli. He got a lot of reps, and I think it was probably that where people start to assume because heís taking second string reps that heís a second string quarterback, and it didnít play out that way.†

Q: Was he outplayed by Alex Tanney and Kyle Lauletta?
A: I feel like they are better choices for us now, yes.

Q:† Who is your second string quarterback now?†
A: Weíll see and Iíll let you guys know as we go here. I do like having a veteran presence in that group.

Q:†You said after the Lions game after Davis played pretty well, it was the Davis Webb you were used to seeing. Did something change?†
A: No, I thought he played better than he did in the week previous. Keep in mind Detroit practices, our practices here, we had a lot of opportunity to watch all the players compete. It would be just like me talking in detail about why we didnít keep the other 39 guys or what not. It is the way it is. There are so many things about him that are good, heís an outstanding worker, he cares about the game a great deal, and Iím hopeful heís going to get another opportunity.

Q: You mention him getting all those reps. Do you feel like Alex or Kyle wouldíve benefitted getting those reps?††
A: No, we wanted to find out who our backup quarterbacks were and we went through the process and we felt like they all got an opportunity to show us what they can do.

Q:† What have you seen out of Kyle that you like? Obviously, you saw something before the Draft that you liked that made you take him, youíve had him now for the spring and summer. What do you like about Kyle Lauletta?†††
A:† I like the fact that heíll decide what heís looking at, see it and pull the trigger. Heís very decisive in what he does. Heís a gamer of sorts and weíre looking forward to working with that.

Q: Do you think itís important for the franchise to have a plan post-Eli Manning at this point in his career?
A: At this point, we do right now. Itís just not what everybody outside our building had predicted the plan was, and I think thatís where all the questions are stemming from. But we made a decision that weíre going to go with Alex and weíre going to go with Kyle as Eliís backups, so we move forward.††

Q: Whether itís Davis or Darian Thompson, understanding you werenít here for those guysí drafts, how much can it set back or hurt a franchise when youíre getting nothing out of recent draft picks?
A: I donít know that. Really, at some point, regardless of where youíre drafted, once youíre settled in as a player on the team, that kind of goes away. Weíre all out here trying to earn a spot every day, players and coaches. So, at some point, whether youíre drafted in the third round or the fifth round, that sort of goes away at some point and you play it out.†

Q:† You say you like having a veteran presence in the QB room, but Alex hasnít played, maybe one game in his career. How does that translate?
A: Hereís the thing with a veteran backup quarterback. They can go in and function with very few reps and I think thatís an attribute that I look for in a guy that could potentially be a backup to a guy like Eli, because they donít get that many reps during the training sessions.

Q: How comfortable are you that Kyle is ready to play in an NFL game?
A: Very comfortable.†

Q: What made Alex the right guy? Even back in May, there were other guys that were free agent veteran quarterbacks who had more game experience?
A: Heís the one we signed and heís the one that we worked with and heís the one we liked. Thatís what it is.

Q:† How did you come to grips with cutting a third round pick quarterback who hasnít played in a regular season game yet, so you really havenít been able to see him play regular season NFL football?
A: Letís forget for a minute he was a third round pick. He was on our team as a Giant and we watched him go through what we do in training camp and what we do in practice and we made a decision to move on and go with the other guys. Letís forget for a minute that he was a third round pick. I really do mean that. At some point, that all goes away.

Q: I didnít see (Olivier Vernon) out on the practice field.
A: He was in the training room getting treatment.

Q: Is he making enough progress where you think you might have him on the practice field (soon)?
A: Weíre hopeful, but weíll just have to see. The fact that he was inside today tells you that he wasnít out here.

Q: Evan (Engram)?
A: Evan was out here working, as you saw.

Q: No contact, so still in the (concussion) protocol?
A: Yes, heís still in the protocol. But weíre hopeful.

Q: Follow up to question about Davis Webb being a third round pick Ė I was more asking about the element of the difficulty of cutting a young quarterback like that who hasnít played in a regular season game.
A: Itís difficult to cut any player. It really is. Itís harder when youíre talking about older players, veteran players, and certainly younger players who gave it their all. Itís difficult, but you move on. We have to do it.

Q: Six guys is a big overhaul for guys that are coming from the outside. How big of a challenge is that for you to get all six guys ready? You have a game in six days.
A: That is part of the challenge and hopefully we wonít have to do this every year, but if you look at the guys we picked up -- three in the secondary, an offensive lineman, we added different guys to the practice squad Ė weíre going to continue to try to improve all the position groups and if thereís a player that we have evaluated and feel good about taking a look at, weíll do that. Thatís just part of this process.

Q: What role do you see Mario Edwards playing up front? Is he more an interior guy?
A: Yes, more of an interior guy, kind of a five technique. As you know, we put Josh Mauro down for a month, so that kind of interior spot.

Q: Have you decided on your return specialists?
A: Weíre still figuring that out, but we brought in a player, a receiver that played it and we think can do it, so weíll figure it out from there. We all know we have a really good one just hanging around, number 13 (Odell Beckham Jr.), so we feel really good about the fact if he has to go in there and do it, but we are certainly looking for a guy that can also do it.

Q: Do the new kickoff rules kind of nudge you in that direction a little bit? If itís close late in the game, that you maybe feel a little better about putting Odell back there?
A: I donít know if the new rules have anything to do with that. I still think itís a comfortable thing for a coach to just bang it out of the end zone, put the ball down and letís play. You take the risk of a return out of it. Thereís times strategically where itís going to make sense to pop it up and weíll be prepared to do both.

Q: You mentioned 13 (Odell), is 26 (Saquon Barkley) an option?
A: Sure. I think he returned one to open the game against Ohio State a year ago. So, yeah, heís capable.
Eric, do you know who was asking the questions?  
baadbill : 9/3/2018 3:43 pm : link
RE: Eric, do you know who was asking the questions?  
baadbill : 9/3/2018 3:45 pm : link
In comment 14058914 baadbill said:

Duh, just watched the video.
Iím sure this was Pat Leonard ¬†
BBelle21 : 9/3/2018 4:01 pm : link
ďHow did you come to grips with cutting a third round pick quarterback who hasnít played in a regular season game yet, so you really havenít been able to see him play regular season NFL football?Ē

Shurmur answered this and Leonardís silly follow up very well, I thought. Goodness Leonard just canít let Webb go can he lol
Bleh - looks like Vernon not going to be a go on Sunday  
BlackLight : 9/3/2018 4:07 pm : link
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