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Wednesday Media Transcript: Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/5/2018 2:55 pm
Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr.
September 5, 2018

Q: Whatís the anticipation of getting out there for the first time in a while?
A: I canít stop thinking about it. Iím at home, Iíll be in the middle of conversation, my mind doesnít get off this game. Itís been a long time. There was a lot of hard work and preparation just to be able to get back to running and playing again. So, Iím excited. Iím real excited about this team and the opportunity we have in front of us.

Q: Do you worry about getting suckered into the trash talk by (Jaguars CB) Jalen Ramsey?
A: I think I learned my lesson. But, this is probably, if not, the best or one of the best corners in the league. Thereís no way around it. And this defense that they have Ė they have six or seven pro-bowlers, maybe more, on their team. They have a very good scheme, probably the defense in the NFL. We have a very tough challenge ahead of us. I think weíre all excited about the opportunity just to be able to come back and play football again. I know that Iím very excited. Itís definitely going to be a good match.

Q: Are you looking forward to that matchup against Jalen Ramsey?
A: Yeah, definitely. Honestly, Iím more so looking forward to just playing football again, to be real with you. But yes, it is an exciting matchup. Itís a good test for yourself in the first game against the best defense in the league I would say.

Q: What makes the Jacksonville defense so good?
A: If (Ramsey) heís not 1A, heís 1B. The only person I know like that is (Cardinals CB) Patrick Peterson. Heís what, 6-3, 215, he runs 4.30 (40-yd dash). Heís got all the intangibles. Heís athletic and heís just good. Like I said, heís just one of the best in the league. He does it all.

Q: Do you have a relationship with him? (Ramsey)
A: Yeah, itís funny. So, over the offseason, we kind of got together and we were hanging out and doing whatever. The schedule comes out, and I was joking with him like, ĎWhen we play yíall, what happens if I run this, that, and the other?í And next thing I know, the schedule is out, and we play them the first game (laughter). Itís funny how life works, and how God works and everything works. We got them matched up Week 1 and Iím sure it wonít be as friendly as it was over the offseason. Weíre both very, very competitive. I know that for sure. Itís going to be a good game.

Q: When did you start doing work and game planning on him?
A: I probably been watching him since he came in the league. Iím a fan of football. Personally, before we were playing them Week 1, I was very, very on to him and what he can do. Like I said, heís just as good as they come. He can go down as that ĎPrimetimeí (Deion Sanders), in my opinion, if he keeps up what heís doing now.

Q: Have you gone up against him before?
A: No, Iíve never gone against him.

Q:† What kind of confidence do you have in this offense?
A: I have a lot of confidence in this offense, Coach (Pat) Shurmur, and what he does and what he brings to the table. I love the way that weíre preparing. I love the way that he prepares. Thereís a lot of plays, thereís a lot of stuff thatís going on in there. Just making sure you know where to line up, assignments, attention to detail, all those things are important. Coach Shurmur is probably one of the best at it that Iíve seen.

Q: Are you curious about getting out there in real action again?
A: Yes. Obviously, I canít wait to be back out there but I havenít been hit. I mean, I was getting tackled in the offseason but not by these guys. Get you that first one, get that hit, itís kind of like you shake it off and then you keep going from there. You need that first one but itís not something that Iím so much afraid of. This is football. Itís always going to be football, regardless if you havenít taken a hit in years or whatever it is. It doesnít feel good to get hit. It is what it is.

Q: Do you think the contract will make some guys try to go after you a little more aggressively?
A: I donít think that the contract can do anymore for that target on my back. Inflicted by the world, inflicted by myself. That target has been on there since I came in so I donít know if a contract is going to help. That target increases and decreases. Guys have always wanted to hit me and be able to talk about it. Itís just the reality of where Iím at in life. Itís just something Iíve had to deal with.

Q: You said you had learned your lesson of not falling into the Ramsey trash talk. What lesson did you learn?
A: This right here. I remember going into the week before. To be honest with you, I hadnít watched much tape on (Redskins CB) Josh (Norman) before we had played them. They came here, I remember you all bringing me information on his interview and saying that he said, Ďthis is sweet and blah blah blahí, the stories, and the papers that were written Ė it was all set up to happen what exactly happened. Iím kind of just seeing things different now and just knowing it is going to be a matchup. Itís not going to be something that you repeat. The history repeats itself and itís in the past, and kind of buying into that same thing.

Q: So you almost got suckered in, in a way?
A: Yeah, but you took the cheese (laughter). So, I canít be mad at anything that happened. I bit on it, so itís all good.

Q: Is that something a 25 year old Odell would tell the 21 year old Odell?
A: Yeah, like I said, after you see everything flash in front of you, youíre whole career, youíre thinking about everything. Will you ever get back to where youíre at? Will you ever be the same? You have a different perspective on life. I remember the first time being able to get out that boot, just walking, and just being thankful for those moments. I was crawling up steps so I donít want to say Iím a different person, but I have different outlooks and perspectives on things. Iíve had a lot happen. You have to take that, learn, and you grow from it.

Q: How do you look at the playmakers around you?
A: We drafted a decent running back, but like I said, Saquon (Barkley) Ė and just seeing him, heís different. Heís just a different cat. I know heís excited, very excited to get out there. (Sterling Shepard) Shep, you got Evan Engram, even Cody (Latimer) over here, whoís been kind of tucked in the closet for the past of his career over there with Emanuel Sanders and D. Thomas (Demaryius Thomas), but heís a guy who can make plays. We have them all around. (Offensive line) O-line has improved. They all walk out to practice together. Thereís a lot of comradery going on there. Thereís a brotherhood thatís in this locker room I think that stems from the head coach doing what heís doing.

Q: What do you think about the opportunity to open at home?
A: Iím excited itís at home. This is the place that the injury happened. This is our home, this is our family, the Giants crowd. I couldnít ask for a better place to have the first game.

Q: Would you like to get a chance on a punt return?
A: (laughter) Absolutely, I just love having the ball in my hands and just being able to make plays. You get back there and you trust those guys to make blocks for you and you get to do what you do, whether itís punt return, kick return, any of that. However I can help this team, Iím all the way in.

OBJ sound different  
mrvax : 9/5/2018 2:57 pm : link
Q: Do you worry about getting suckered into the trash talk by (Jaguars CB) Jalen Ramsey?
A: I think I learned my lesson.

I just hope he doesn't put too much on himself leading to concentration lapses.
my man  
LC_21 : 9/5/2018 3:17 pm : link
Monster yr incoming

Somehow, to me, it feels like many have forgotten this guy avg'd 95 rec's and almost 1400 yard his first 3 yrs in the league ... w a bogus offense where the secondary sat back n waited for the slant

Concentration lapses .. lol .. if anything he over-concentrates

stay tuned!
I can't believe that's the same guy  
Mellowmood92 : 9/5/2018 3:23 pm : link
Great interview
Seems he has matured a lot  
GIANTS128 : 9/5/2018 3:26 pm : link
good for him.
RE: I can't believe that's the same guy  
ron mexico : 9/5/2018 3:31 pm : link
In comment 14061894 Mellowmood92 said:
Great interview

He always said the right things in pressers, that was never an issue for him

Generally there should be growth from age 21 to 25  
Big Blue '56 : 9/5/2018 3:31 pm : link
and many of us were probably an example of that, without the notoriety of course. I have little doubt that heís more mature now, than when he first entered the league. But, a small reminder: He said pretty much the same ďmatureĒ things when interviewed in the beginning of his tenure here. Just sayiní
Big Blue '56 : 9/5/2018 3:32 pm : link
same page buddy..:)
Odell is very excited about  
BBelle21 : 9/5/2018 3:52 pm : link
Playing with Shurmur. Donít think Iíve ever heard him speak this way about McAdoo
What he says about Pat Shurmur makes me extremely confident in the guy  
BestFeature : 9/5/2018 4:03 pm : link
I don't think I've ever been this confident in a coach for his first year as a Giant, not even TC. Now Shurmur has a LONG way to go before he's TC, but I think we may have something here.
I canít fucking wait for this game ¬†
mattlawson : 9/5/2018 6:19 pm : link
This Sunday feels like the longest wait ever.  
ZGiants98 : 9/5/2018 8:45 pm : link
Holy shit.
Looking forward to seeing him play  
mako J : 9/5/2018 9:46 pm : link
But dude, give us a break with all the career flashing crawling up the stairs had an ankle.
They only asked him what, 9-10 questions about Ramsay?  
mfsd : 9/5/2018 10:48 pm : link

Iím worried the beats arenít in game shape.
RE: Looking forward to seeing him play  
Ten Ton Hammer : 9/6/2018 9:07 am : link
In comment 14062249 mako J said:
But dude, give us a break with all the career flashing crawling up the stairs had an ankle.

He had a broken ankle. His job is running for a living. Kinda relevant.
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