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Friday Media Transcript: DL Coach Gary Emanuel

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/7/2018 3:02 pm
Defensive Line Coach Gary Emanuel
September 7, 2018
Q: What’s your impressions on (DL) Mario Edwards Jr. and (DL) John Jenkins?
A: They’re guys that are pros. They come in, they’ve come to work every day. They really have been engaged in everything we’re doing. They’re picking up the defense. Hopefully, they’ll be able to contribute for us.
Q: Do you meet with them and spend more time with them to catch them up to speed?
A: We just come in and the guys come in extra on their free time. They try to catch us when we’re not in meetings and try to get some extra time with them to get them caught up to speed.
Q: Is there a reason you all made a change to waive (DL) Robert Thomas and (DL) A.J. Francis after getting so many reps in the preseason?
A: We do what’s best for the Giants, and what we feel is best for the organization. That’s the decision the organization made.
Q: What has been your impression of (DT) B.J. Hill?
A: B.J. Hill has done an outstanding job. He came from a good program. He came in, he’s physically mature. He’s strong, he understand the game. He loves playing football. He’s a good player and we expect some great things out of him.
Q: What do you envision (DL) Mario Edwards Jr.’s role to be?
A: Hopefully, Mario will come in and contribute to the defense in whatever capacity we ask him to do. Obviously, he’ll play some defensive end. He’ll play anywhere along the line of scrimmage. He has a variety of roles. We just expect him to come in and do his job, whatever we ask him to do.
Q: Is John Jenkins more of an inside guy?
A: Jenkins would be more of an inside guy, but Jenkins’ history has been he’s played everywhere on the line of scrimmage – from over the tight end, over the tackle, over the guard, over the center. He provides a lot of versatility with us.
Q: How will (LB) Olivier Vernon generate pass rush if he’s subpar and not even playing?
A: All the guys are working extremely hard to get better at rushing the passer and stopping the run, and working. Everybody will just pick up their game and just do the best they can. We’ll live with the results.
Q:  What will Kerry Wynn’s role be on this defensive line?
A: Kerry has developed. Kerry has gotten better every day out here at practice. Kerry works extremely hard in the classroom, on the field. He’s a student of the game. We just like where he’s headed and what he’s doing. His growth has been tremendous.
Q: What have you learned about ‘Snacks’ (DT Damon Harrison Jr.) that you didn’t know before?
A: I wouldn’t say I learned anything about him. Obviously, I didn’t know him, but the thing I love about Snacks is he provides great leadership. He’s a hard worker. He loves playing football. He has a great personality. The guys look up to him and respect him. We’re excepting some great things out of him.
Q: What do you like about him (Snacks) in terms of his football abilities?
A: The tape really speaks for itself. He’s a guy that dominates the line of scrimmage. He plays well against the run. He has some pass rush abilities. He’s tough. Again, he loves playing football. He’s a great football player.
Q: What’s the secret to the success of the Jags run game?
A: If I knew the secret, probably everyone in the world would want to talk to me (laughter). Their biggest secret is they have an outstanding offensive line. They’re really big, and they have a very, very good tandem of backs led by (Leonard) Fournette. They’re offensive line is what makes it tick. Their average is like 6-5, 320 pounds, which is a good size. They have a back who is almost as big as the offensive linemen, but he runs a 10.6 (100-yd dash) or whatever he runs in the 100. He’s a great player and they have a great offense.
Q: What stands out about (Jags LG) Andrew Norwell?
A: He’s a good, tough, hard-nose player. He just does his job. He’s a guy who you want on your team because he’s physical. He’s tough, he’s a good run blocker, good pass blocker. He’s a good football player. One of the best at this position. 
Q: How much of an advantage is it for you to have the continuity between (DL) Dalvin (Tomlinson), B.J. Hill, and Snacks?
A: Anytime you have continuity, in many things, it works out well for you. Those guys are learning how to play off each other and how each other plays, and what chances somebody may be able to take, if somebody can cover up for them. So, that helps out a great deal.
Q: As a coach, can you tell if guys have that continuity heading into a season, versus guys who may still need more time to get on one accord?
A: We feel that all our guys got it, and we have the ability to play a bunch of different people at a bunch of different places. Everybody is going to work together.
Q: What do envision the amount of playing time those guys will get?
A: You get a feel for how the guys play and what kind of endurance they have. You try to keep them fresh. You try to sub them early. I believe in all the guys that are up there have the opportunity to play and have the ability to play. So, we want to try to utilize those guys, keep them fresh, and let them play to their abilities as much as they can.
Re: Thomas and Francis:  
KeoweeFan : 9/7/2018 7:42 pm : link
"That’s the decision the organization made." (my bold)
Am I reading too much into this?

(Granted, he did say just before that that "we" do what's best for the Giants.)
any team  
bc4life : 9/8/2018 7:35 am : link
sign either of those guys yet?
RE: Re: Thomas and Francis:  
Ten Ton Hammer : 9/8/2018 11:02 am : link
In comment 14064655 KeoweeFan said:
"That’s the decision the organization made." (my bold)
Am I reading too much into this?

(Granted, he did say just before that that "we" do what's best for the Giants.)

Well, position coaches don’t have final say. They won’t always agree with cuts. He gave the answer he had to. Anything else would invite more questions.
santacruzom : 9/8/2018 6:54 pm : link
How WILL Vernon generate a pass rush if he's not even playing??
Like this coaching staff, great group  
idiotsavant : 9/8/2018 7:00 pm : link
Love the DL and overall roster on D vibe.

Had high hopes for Darian but you gotta be at practice and improve just like everyone else.
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