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Post-Game Transcript: T Nate Solder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/9/2018 5:39 pm
T Nate Solder
Postgame vs. Jacksonville, Sept. 9, 2018

Q: ??
A: You got to stay ahead on the chains, especially on a team like that. Obviously thereís talented guys that made some plays regardless, but as an offensive lineman we want to stop hurting ourselves in that sense and keep a manageable down and distance.

Q: How difficult was that first series, obviously backed up from the start, kind of started going backward. How difficult was thatÖ?
A: Yeah that was such a weird series. We would make a play then have a penalty, make a play, have a penalty. I guess that was a microcosm of kind of how the whole game went.

Q: Is it difficult to not let a series like that snowball for the rest of the game?
A: I donít think that series affected the rest of it, I just think that whatever was causing that series, the penalties, the getting behind on down and distance was something that made us have a difficult day.

Q: How do you correct that moving forward other than just having more time together as a group?
A: You got to clean things up, what you got to look at Ė I donít even know what those penalties were, I havenít seen that yet. I know I had a penalty so obviously that comes down to fixing my holding and all that sort of thing on plays. That canít happen.

Q: With Ereck (Flowers) on that series there getting some penalties. Is there time to pull him aside and kind of give him a (inaudible)?
A: You know in the heat of the game when you donít really know whatís going on, itís hard to say anything at all because Iím sure he had some good plays, some bad plays like I did too and we just keep going forward as a team and improve. Thatís what we got to do.

Q: You knew this would be a tough challenge against this defensive front, you know, they are one of the best in the league, if not, the best. Was it what you expected or did you expect more from your group?
A: It was a tough battle. I think that, like I was saying before, if we wouldíve kept it in manageable down and distances, we prevented ourselves from a lot of plays because we were getting the penalties and stupid things that we control like I had that holding. That was totally in my control and I need to clean that up.

Q: What did you see on the fourth down play, Saquon (Barkley) fourth and two, leaped and came up a yard shortÖ?
A: Well thatís just an example of guys battling and playing hard. I think thatís going to happen when itís a close game like that and people are trying their best.
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