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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/9/2018 5:49 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur
September 9, 2018
Postgame vs. Jacksonville

Opening Remarks: Itís disappointing when you lose. The one good thing is our team fought from the front to the back. They fought all the way through the game. Unfortunately as is the case in a lot of these games that are close, we just didnít make enough plays in the end to win the game. Itís unfortunate we lost, weíre disappointed because we lost but weíve got to move on and regroup and get ready to play Dallas. Iím sure youíve got a lot of questions, Iíll try to answer them for you.

Q: How do you view the offensive line and them going against a really good defensive line?
A: We battled a really good defense. Youíre looking at a top-10 defense and we battled them and I thought they fought throughout the game. We can probably all point to individual bad plays by everyone, me included, so I feel like they battled and weíve just got to go back and correct the mistakes that maybe showed up and get ready to play Dallas.

Q:† Evan Engram had a catch just before you went on fourth down with Saquon. It looked like the spot was not right. Was there any discussion around whether the spot was accurate before you ran that 4th down?
A: It was right in front of me, and from what I could tell Ė and there was really not much argument Ė they went hard on the fourth down spot and the guys upstairs, nobody said they felt like it was worthy of a challenge, so I canít tell you what we† saw beyond that. We were on top of it, though, certainly thatís a situation just like the ball that was a potential touchdown, we thought it was worth challenging because it couldíve been a game-changing play.††

Q:†What happened coming out of halftime when you guys needed a timeout?
A: Eliís helmet went bad, so thatís where the communication was and it was a play to start the series that was a little wordier than plays within the series. We checked his helmet beforehand. For whatever reason, when he got out there he could not hear anything and that was the reason for it.

Q: Can you talk about Saquonís touchdown run?
A: It was a great run. Thatís why we drafted that young man.

Q:† Can you also talk about his fourth down leap, where he came up short?††††
A:† It was actually the same play call. He tried to leap to get it. That was another close play. Weíre talking about some close plays here that if they go your way, it makes a big difference. Those are the ifís and butís that you just donít worry about.

Q: You have them pinned down and then (Blake Bortles) had that 41-yard run. Was that reminiscent of what New England did in the preseason game against you guys?
A: New England hit us on a play that they had run three times previous, actually, but thatís just your typical zone read that you see every once in a while. You got a big, strong quarterback like Blake who can run like that, we just got to do a little bit better on the edge. We were doing a good job of stopping the interior portion of the zone read, weíve just got to be a little more disciplined.

Q: Your defense didnít give up a point the second half. Youíve got some new guys in there, can you talk about the play of (Curtis Riley) and (B.W. Webb)?†
A: It was excellent team defense in the second half. To hold any team at any level pointless in a half is terrific. They battled and they fought hard, and they did what they needed to do on that side of the ball.

Q:† There were two plays that looked like opportunities you had for touchdowns you missed, one right before the half with the jailbreak blitz where Beckham was alone right to left, and then coming out of the half him going deep over Ramsey, why do you think those two didnít work out?
A: The first one was a full blitz. We had a play call, Eli checked to it and then we had some leakage inside that put a little bit more pressure on Eli than the law allows, then the ball was still close to being completed. We missed on it. Thatís it. That happens once in a while. Then after, assuming it was the post we threw to Odell Ė we threw a post and we missed .Thatís it. We didnít connect. Thereís no hunt for Red October there.

Q: The pressure that Eli was under at times, how do you think he responded?†
A: Iím thrilled that Eli is our quarterback. He responded well throughout the game. Heís into it, heís sharp, heís well prepared and weíre very fortunate heís our quarterback.

Q: Did you ever have any thoughts to put Odell back to return one of those later punts?
A: No.

Q: You talk about those plays that mightíve hit.
A: Yeah, thatís the margin we deal with unfortunately -- well, fortunately. Itís fun to go out there and compete and itís fun to watch guys fight their tail off, and itís not fun to feel the disappointment of losing.

Q: Did you use some, there were close plays there that if certain things happened, this game mightíve been different. Do you see possibilities there that moving forward if you hit those things, this thing would be what you want it to be?
A: I told the players that the important part of this game that we can work with is they hung together, they played hard from the first snap to the last, we just didnít make enough plays in the end to win this game, especially a one-score game throughout. Weíll get that fixed and again, this is a new team, weíve got new systems. Iím certainly hugely disappointed that we lost for our fans, and our ownership, and for those players in the locker room. Iím disappointed we lost, but thereís a lot of good in that locker room and theyíre going to hang together, I really believe they will and will come out Ö against Dallas.

Q: Did you see your communication defensively start to pick up and guys start to get it toward the back end of the game?
A: No, I think throughout the game, early in the game, too Ė again itís the first game, so you get a couple plays theyíve been working on all summer and all spring. Then once they settled in with what their play calls were going to be, I thought our guys settled in. They got them, itís a terrific effort when you can hold a team scoreless in the second half.

Q: Obviously it was Odellís first game since he broke his ankle, what did you think?
A: I thought he competed throughout, put him in a lot of different situations and I think itís a good idea to throw him the ball. We threw to him a lot and he made a lot of plays.
Diver_Down : 9/9/2018 5:52 pm : link
Q: The pressure that Eli was under at times, how do you think he responded?
A: Iím thrilled that Eli is our quarterback. He responded well throughout the game. Heís into it, heís sharp, heís well prepared and weíre very fortunate heís our quarterback.

He is no McAdoo  
Rjanyg : 9/9/2018 6:38 pm : link
Thank God
Found it!  
Bramton1 : 9/9/2018 6:46 pm : link
Weíre they forbidden by Hanlon from asking a question ¬†
FranknWeezer : 9/9/2018 9:54 pm : link
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