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Post-Game Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/9/2018 5:54 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins
Postgame vs. Jaguars
September 9, 2018
Q: It can be difficult to come out with a loss. You guys gave your offense a lot of opportunities with some big stops. What changed for Jacksonville down the stretch? What were you able to do on some of those drives where you were able to get them off the field?
A: We played solid defense, everybody played together and moving in the mindset of just keep playing football.
Q: You happy with how the defense played today?
A: I’m okay. I think we could have played better. We’ll go and watch film together as a defense, and we’ll see what mistakes we made and what mistakes that we didn’t make and we’ll just fix them in practice.
Q: Did anything in particular stick out to you as something that didn’t go well for you?
A: No, we’ve just got to keep playing football. We’ve got to understand that it’s going to be 60 minutes of hard fight and just go, wait ‘til tomorrow and see what happens.
Q: When you’re forcing punt after punt after punt in the second half and the offense can’t get anything going—your offense can’t get anything going. Is that frustrating for the defense?
A: No, no it is, but at the end of the day, we’re a defense. So, we’ve got to keep going out, making three and outs, keep playing defense. We understand it’s a team game and we’ve just got to keep playing.
Q: Do you think the performance of, at least, obviously you want to win, but for this defense you guys can really build off of the way you played today.
A: I think we all can build off of it—defense, offense and special teams. Once we get in the film room, we’ll see what critiques we have to make and we’re just going to come out and keep hustling every day.
Q: What happened on that strange play? You almost had a pick and then they almost had a touchdown. Was the ball wet, slipped through your hands?
A: It just popped out of my hands, but you know I’ve got to come up with a play like that.
Q: Can you take us through the interception, what you saw on the play and how you got the football?
A: It was a three-by-one formation, I think. I was on the three, the trip side and basically he just ran a fade and I turned around and [saw] the ball and I just grabbed it.
Q: It seemed like earlier in the game they were running a lot of moving [Blake] Bortles, a lot of play action, but it seemed like in the second half you guys kind of figured out what they were trying to do and you really settled down defensively.
A: Yeah, we came in at halftime, made corrections, saw how they were trying to attack us and made adjustments.
Q: Obviously you want to come away with the win, but were you happy just in terms of how the defense progressed throughout the game and how you took some of the things from the preseason and brought it into the regular season?
A: Yeah, we’re making strides, as a defense, as a team, as special teams. We’re making strides, but we’ve got to come back tomorrow and just work and critique ourselves and make sure everybody stays up and just keep pushing.
Q: What are the most important things you guys think you need to correct heading into week two?
A: Just some basic things as a defense. We’ll look at it tomorrow, nothing specific, but we’re going to keep working.
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