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Post-Game Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/9/2018 5:58 pm
Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr.
Postgame vs Jaguars, September 9, 2018

Q: What was it like being out there, first game action where it counted?

A: Iím just thankful to be out there again. I know I told the story many times, I was in the basement night after night just praying to get back together mentally for the season and allow me to come out and put my best foot forward today.

Q: What did it mean going up against Jalen Ramsey out there?

A: Thatís who we were playing. Heís like a brother to me, we kicked it over the offseason, we talked back and forth. Heís a competitor, Iím a competitor, I love the way he plays, I love everything about his game. It was fun to go out there and compete against, if not the, one of the best in the league, hands down.

Q: Did you feel as the game went on the offense got into a rhythm?

A: Yeah, we started off slow. The first drive we had two or three penalties, we put ourselves behind the chains and it was tough. Thatís kind of when I tried to preach to the offense about not getting behind and putting ourselves in a bad situation. We are already going against a great defense, we donít need to help them anymore. It was tough, itís the first game, itís not the end of the season. Itís a good starting point against one of the better defenses in this league.

Q: What are your emotions, having such a good game coming back, but getting this result?

A: I hate losing more than anything. Honestly, I was praying that there was something that happened earlier in the game where I had to dig deep and find out where Iím at on that scale. Things werenít going my way early, so there was never an opportunity to see that moment. Like I said, Iím just in a different place. Once you see everything flash before you, and you donít know if you ae going to be the same person again, you donít know if football is going to be the same again, I got a different perspective. Just being out there and competing with the best, I wish we would have gotten a win, but at the same time itís a good starting point for our team.

Q: Is there anything you can take away from this game despite the losing?

A: Yeah, we competed. We competed all the way up until the end, we had a lot of energy on the sideline. Like you said, there are a lot of positives we can take from it, you just want to come out with the W.

Q: You said you wanted to see if you are the same player, are you?

A: I donít know, Iím hoping to be better, thatís obviously the goal. When I said that, I meant more from an emotional standpoint. In the past there have been a lot of things that have gone on and I havenít had the best way of handling it. I was hoping there was a moment where I was tested, and I was going to able to see where Iíve grown and how much growth there has been. I donít know if I need the moment, itís just something inside that I have grown with.

Q: You have a lot of games in your career where you have had a good game, but you havenít walked out with a win, can you compare the emotions from those games to your emotions today?

A: I get what youíre saying. There have been a lot of times where, okay, cool, you had a good game, but you still lost. This time there is so much positive to take from it, this is a brand-new team, itís a great starting point for us, we have something to build off of. We are going to walk out of here with our heads up wishing we would have got the W. It is what it is, any given Sunday, any team can win.

Q: Why do you feel that optimism about the offense?

A: There was just a lot of moments and opportunities where we had chances and we didnít connect. Whether it was the first game or whatever it is, we just missed those chances, but they are right there. Our plan is for them to be there all year, so instead of seven points it could have been three extra touchdowns. Thereís twenty-eight, itís just a matter of time before everything starts clicking. We came out and put our best foot forward and itís a good place to start.

Q: Anything you can share about Saquonís first touchdown?

A: Iíve told him this multiple times, Iíve had dreams of seeing Barkley running down the field, breaking for the end zone. I went to a school, LSU, where I watched Jeremy Hill come out the backfield multiple times. There is no better feeling than running the ball and somebody takes it 60, or however long it was, to the house. The only thing I ever told him was be you. You donít have to do anything for anybody else, any outside pressure, anything anybody said, you donít have to be that, just be you.

Q: It seemed like you were able to get separation and give Eli clean targets, to be able to do that against that defense and that corner in your first game back, does what for you?

A: I mean. itís good. I feel like every day at practice Eli and I have been getting open and finding ways to separate. Now itís about putting all the pieces together, he needs a little bit more time, we need to find a way to make those catches on third down. We need to find ways to keep drives alive, we went into the first game and unfortunately the ball didnít roll our way. Like we said, it is a good starting point.

Q: When you look at two overthrows in the end zone, what is going through your mind, how close you are? Is there an adjustment you can make?

A: Itís close, itís football, though. We had those, if he can sit back in there just a little bit longer, just set his feet and get rid of it. Itís a collective thing, I can run faster, the O-line can block better, itís just something we all have to get on the same page with. First game, Iím proud of this team, Iím happy to be back. Iím happy to be a part of this team, Iím looking forward to the season.

Percy : 9/9/2018 6:12 pm : link

Had a great game on a day when the O wasn't doing very well.
The man can take  
rebel yell : 9/9/2018 6:15 pm : link
over a game. I'm glad we signed him. He's a competitor.
What a fucking asshole!  
McNally's_Nuts : 9/9/2018 7:17 pm : link
Heís really grown up ¬†
BigBlue4You09 : 9/9/2018 7:26 pm : link
Heís a fierce competitor, a great teammate and one of the best in the game. So glad they got that deal done.
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