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Post-Game Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/9/2018 6:04 pm
Safety Landon Collins

Postgame vs. Jacksonville, September 9, 2018

Q: What did you think of the defense overall? Were you happy with how you guys played?

A: Yeah. A few communications things that we can go over that we’ve got to fix, that’s about it. Other than that, we played really tough on defense.

Q: Janoris was saying even though it’s tough to lose, there’s things to build off of, especially the way you guys played defensively your first game together in this system.

A: Like I said, as it was planned, we were playing a good offense and their run game is very hard to protect and we were playing good against it so we can definitely build on top of that and just make sure we get the communication right and on the same page as always.

Q: Was it at all frustrating that in the second half you’re getting stop after stop and offense just couldn’t get it?

A: Nah. We know they’re going to get it together. It’s our job to get them back the ball as many tries as they can. They’re going to get it together- they’ve got too many weapons over there. Once they figure it out, once they figure out what plays work, what keys work, they’re going to move the ball down the field.

Q: What adjustments did you make in the second half? It looks like you guys clamped down on them even more in the second half than in the first.

A: Really, no adjustments at all, honestly. Just playing our gaps the right way and defending and from that point on we stopped the run.

Q: First game- did you like the new system and how it operated?

A: Yeah, it was cool.

Q: What’d you like about it?

A: Everybody knew what they were doing

Q: Did you feel like at the end there- three-and-out, used two of the timeouts, did you feel like you were giving the offense a chance?

A: Yeah, we gave the offense a chance. Got the ball back as quickly as possible for them. They couldn’t run the clock as they wanted to, so in doing so, I think we made the best chance even though we didn’t practice a four-minute-drill, we made that work really good.

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