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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB B.J. Goodson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/12/2018 2:10 pm
LB B.J. Goodson
September 12, 2018

Q: Without Dez (Bryant) there, could they become even more of a run-oriented team, do you think?
A: Iím sure theyíre preparing the next guy up. They have a solid group over there. Whoever they have filling in for him, Iím sure heíll be ready and weíll be ready as well.

Q: If they are like the first team you played, this is a run heavy team, isnít it?
A: Yeah I would say.

Q: Whatís the challenge this week as opposed to last week? What do they do differently with Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott) than the Jaguars did with (Leonard) Fournette?
A: Theyíre two totally different teams. Two totally different personnel so itís obviously different and Zeke is obviously a big part of the offense.

Q: Is he similar to facing Leonard Fournette?
A: Two different backs, but theyíre both all-around backs. Two different styles of play, Iíll say.

Q: What are the differences between them?
A: Different runners. Iíd have to sit you down and break it down with you to explain it to you. Two different types of runners, but both great backs.

Q: Did you guys see enough of your defense last week? Did you see enough to make yourself feel confident about this rush defense this year yet?
A: Thatís just one game and we have a lot more games to play out and a lot more to earn, you know, the level of respect youíre speaking of. We have a whole lot more to prove so as far as that goes, on to the next game.

Q: This would be a good get your respect game against a guy like Elliott, wouldnít it?
A: Definitely would - going against a great back and a great offense.

Q: In the last two games, the quarterbacks had these monstrous runs. Was there something that opened that up? (Dak) Prescott can get on the move too.
A: Thereís certain things and certain responsibilities that have to be dealt with.

Q: Is that just losing the edge on those things?
A: I really donít want to get too much into it. I wasnít out there so I donít want to get into it.

Q: Can I ask you about their offensive line? They have some new pieces in there obviously because of injuries and what not. How much does that line change in your opinion from something youíve seen last year?
A: Their offense line is always on point. They have a new young guy in at guard, but Iím sure theyíre prepping him to be just as good because they have to work in unison so Iím sure theyíre prepping him just as hard and working him just as hard as the other guys.

Q: Wasnít too long ago weíd come in the locker room in a week like this and everybody would say ĎI hate the Cowboys, I hate the Cowboys, I hate the Cowboysí. Has that changed?
A: No.

Q: Why not?
A: It is what it is. Itís tradition here and thatís just what it is so no, exclamation point.

Q: When did you become aware of that tradition?
A: Iíve been aware of it growing up and just seeing the rivalry, but itís a great tradition on both sides as far as the rivalry and Iím on this side of the fence.

Q: Growing up did you not like the Cowboys?
A: Never was a huge fan of the Cowboys, just never was.

Q: Who were you a fan of growing up?
A: Thatís neither here nor there, but definitely wasnít the Cowboys.

Q: Was it something about them that irked you?
A: It was just a little too flashy for my liking. Iím a gritty guy and they were just a little too flashy for my liking.

Q: Does that explain your 20 tackles in the opener last year or whatever it was?
A: That had nothing to do with it. Thatís just me playing ball.

Q: What do you recall about that night? Why were you able to make, I think it was 20?
A: Honestly, Iím always on to the next game so Iím looking forward to going out and competing against Dallas.

Q: What was it like defending Zeke?
A: Itís always great to go against another great competitor. He comes in game in and game out and lays it all out on the line. Iím the same type of guy so I love going against another great competitor like that.

Q: What makes him a special back?
A: His ability to make certain cuts and do certain things. His ability to catch out of the backfield and make moves in space and just all around a great back.
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