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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/13/2018 2:31 pm
Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr.
September 13, 2018

Q: How did you come out feeling in that first game after all those days off?
A: Iím not going to lie, I was sore after the game. First time in, whatever how many days it was, 300 something, getting hit out there. I felt good to make it out, but I was feeling it. I was feeling it the Monday after. Weíre here healthy, get back in and do your rehab, and get ready for this week.

Q: What did you think of your performance?
A: There were a lot of things I went and looked at. Stuff that I felt like I couldíve done better. Thereís little chances we had in the game that couldíve been a difference. Itís just about connecting on them, and just getting the small details down. Whether itís getting the depth of your route, which is something Iíve always felt like I needed to work on. So, thereís little things that I took from it. There were some good, there were some things that I know I that I want to work on.

Q: What were you encouraged by?
A: I was encouraged by the way that we fought against one of the better teams in the league. Unfortunately, we lost, but if you look at it, the game couldíve went either which way. We just didnít make more plays than they made. I think weíre optimistic about it. I know everybody wanted to get the first game out the way, and now you can build off of what we left out there.

Q: This is the first time you played in Shurmurís offense. What did you think about some of the schemes and some of the ways he got you open?
A: I like the way that I can get in the slot, I can get second man inside, I can stay on the outside. It makes it hard for defenses to plan against us because youíre moving around so much. All the pieces are interchangeable, like I said. (TE) Evan (Engram) can get on the outside. (RB) Saquon (Barkley) can get on the outside. (WR Sterling Shepard) Shep can be on the outside. Cody Ė everybody can move, and it makes it a lot harder for teams to game plan.

Q: Do you feel like teams have a game of film on you and some things will change in terms of how teams will cover you moving forward?
A: I figure it might, or itís always going to be the same as was it was. Weíre doing that, thereís going to be matchup problems across the board that theyíre going to have to deal with, and if theyíre cool with dealing with that, thatís fine. I know that these other guys, Shep and Evan and everybody else is going to make plays, is going to make it tough. Once we get going, and really get going, Iíll really see it. I donít want to say impossible, but very hard to stop this offense. Get the run game going, get the passes, the play action, like everything. Once it gets moving, itís going to be tough.

Q: (QB) Eli Manning was saying the number of targets to you was a lot because they were playing one-high (single safety look). Is Dallas similar to that?
A: Dallas does a little bit of that. They kind of go back and forth on some coverages. Itís really just about situation Ė situational football. Whether itís third and short, or theyíre playing press and theyíre playing the sticks, what are they going to do? Eli and Coach Shurmur have a pretty good connection of setting that up and putting us in the right positions. Itís going to be a fun game. Iím looking forward to being back in Dallas. Back against your rival, or whatever you want to call it. Weíre all excited about the opportunity.

Q: Can your body take 15 targets a week?
A: I wouldnít mind. It is what it is. If thatís what the plays are getting called, itís honestly at a point of whatever itís going to take to help this team. If I need to get 15, then I need to do the most with those 15. Like I said, I was pretty sore Monday, but thatís what the whole week is for. You start recovering and you get your body right.

Q:† You have the most separation in the league of players targeted at least 10 times. What does that tell you about where you are and the weapon that you can be in this offense?
A: I worked hard to get back to where Iím at now, and I want to work even harder to get even further. With Coach Shurmur helping me and putting me in a position to really get open, and run away from people, and use the abilities that I have, heís putting me in good places to where I should be able to get open and get separation and be able to make big plays. The crazy thing about this offense is the guys on this offense, weíre always one play away. It can be any second of the game. Like you saw him take it 68 yards (Barkley). Thatís what he does. A slant, weíre going 60. Evan is liable to go at any time. I get on Shep all the time. Itís time for you to start taking these slants to the house. Itís a one play away offense. At any point in time, we want to be a very dangerous, dangerous offense.

Q: Primetime divisional game in Dallas against your rival. Does this kind of get you even more?
A: I donít know. Yeah, it is a big game. Itís Sunday night, and all those things. Itís the Cowboys. Itís Jerryís World, all that, but itís like, youíve been there. Youíve been there before. Youíve played against them a few times. Not to say that itís going to be any different. I just think you got to watch your emotions and just know that Iím going to be excited just to be back on the field, period. Whether itís Sunday night, 1:00 (p.m.), 10:00 a.m., in London, wherever weíre at, Iím excited about playing.

Q: Somebody is going to be 0-2 at the end of this game. How important does that make this game?
A: Very. (Wide Receivers Coach) Tyke (Tolbert) always says somebody is always going to come out on the end of a play with a win and a loss. Might as well not be you. We plan to come out and win. Thatís always the goal is to win. I hate losing, anything. Whether itís cards against Shep over there, (RB Jonathan Stewart) Stew, I donít like losing (laughter).

Q: Itís been over 20 months since youíve won a game. How hungry are you to win?
A: I need that. Thereís no feeling like winning. Just the overall feeling of everybody in the locker room and knowing we did what we had to do. Weíll live on this moment for a little bit. Cool, and then get back to work. Everybody here wants to win, and we know the importance of this game. We know you donít want to get 0-2, and start the season off that way, even though it is a long season. You just want to start fast and finish fast, and finish strong, too.

Q: There was a stat where this was your 20th game of over 100 receiving yards. The Giants have only won seven of those. Does that surprise you? Does that frustrate you?
A: Maybe I need to do more. It is what it is. You can put together a 100-yard game, even though I feel like a lot of stuff that happens is third downs, or plays to get us going, but if youíre not putting points on the board, then itís hard to win games. We need to put more points on the board. If I need to step up and do more, then Iíll step up and do more, and thatís what I plan on doing.

Q: Did you have any advice for Saquon after seeing him in his first game?
A: Like I told him before, just be you. Thereís a reason why youíre at where youíre at. Thereís a reason you were picked here. Thereís a reason heís going to be one of the greats. Iím just happy to be on this journey with him. For sure, I canít wait to see him. Tell him to keep breaking those 60-yarders (laughter). We need all of those plays.

Q: Did you give him his touchdown football back?
A: No, thatís at my house. Itís gone already. No, I gave it back to him. Itís funny how just being in the locker room, itís like your brother and youíre joking around with him. Next thing you know, itís across the entire world. It really was nothing more than me just messing around with my boys. I gave him his ball back, or I gave him a ball back (laughter).

Q: With the two pass interference penalties last week, do you think youíre going to have to deal with that sometimes?
A: Like ďHack-A-Shaq?Ē Thatís fine. Itís a first down for us. It keeps the drive going. Of course I want to catch those passes, but you get to keep the drive going. Then, itís just about capitalizing on those mistakes that they make. At the end of the day, itís all about putting points on the board.

Q: Can it be frustrating to not get into the end zone and have fun celebrating touchdowns?
A: Well, I do want to get into the end zone so that way it gives energy and I can bring that energy forward, but if I canít, Iím going to try to bring it any other way that I possibly can.

Q: On both of those plays, do you thing you wouldíve scored if they hadnít grabbed you?
A: If I made the catch, which is what I had planned on doing. We just didnít get it to happen. Hopefully this week, we can all get in there. Everybody can have a touchdown ball to go around.

Q: Do you know what your first celebration is going to be already?
A: Weíll see when it happens. Yeah, I got something.

Q: Did you notice defensive backs playing you more physical in the Jacksonville game?
A: Thatís a physical team. I donít know if itís more physical. Iíve watched them on tape all last year. They talked to whoever they wanted to talk to. Theyíre all there at the ball. Thereís seven people around the ball at all times. Theyíre standing over you. Thatís just how they play. It was a very physical game. Probably the result of why I was so sore after it. Weíll be alright. Itís just time to shape back, put points up, and get some wins and start putting them together.

Q: Eli had mentioned some miscommunication on the route where he missed you in the end zone. Can you elaborate on that a little more?
A: Itís just first game stuff. Everybody getting on the same page, and just connecting. You got to hit those, and we didnít connect on that one. Itís like, first game of the season. Ok, we can watch all of that film. Next time, weíll hit it. The time after that, the rest of the time, we start hitting it. First game, weíll just have to deal with it.

Q: He was saying the safety pushed you out a little bit more than what you have liked.
A: Itís all good. Weíll get it next time.

Q: Did you have any conversations with Saquon before or after the game?
A: Yeah, I told him I thought he was pretty decent at running back. Just keep working hard. Heís great, heís going to be very good. I just told him to keep being himself, keep doing what youíre doing, keep bringing that spark, that energy to the team, and keep making plays. Most importantly, have fun.

INterviews likes this is why  
Keith : 9/13/2018 3:14 pm : link
I never understand how people say OBJ is selfish or not a team player. He keeps getting asked questions about himself and his performance and he immediately talks about the team and winning games. He's always talking up his teammates too. He's a great team player, very unselfish.
RE: INterviews likes this is why  
Br00klyn : 9/13/2018 3:23 pm : link
In comment 14074074 Keith said:
I never understand how people say OBJ is selfish or not a team player. He keeps getting asked questions about himself and his performance and he immediately talks about the team and winning games. He's always talking up his teammates too. He's a great team player, very unselfish.

He has done some stupid, childish things the last few years but the media does portray this guy as a selfish, locker room cancer which couldn't be further from the truth. he works harder than anyone and his teammates never have anything bad to say about him. He has a great passion for the game and just needs to keep his emotions in check sometimes
Donít understand why the press ¬†
BBelle21 : 9/13/2018 3:54 pm : link
Needed to ask Odell to elaborate on the throw they didnít connect on so many times or why itís so fascinating to them.
RE: Donít understand why the press ¬†
shockeyisthebest8056 : 9/13/2018 4:00 pm : link
In comment 14074134 BBelle21 said:
Needed to ask Odell to elaborate on the throw they didnít connect on so many times or why itís so fascinating to them.

Duh... they wanted him to throw Eli under the bus. Look how LC's bland comment about Zeke and Dak is being turned into the world's greatest diss.
RE: Donít understand why the press ¬†
arcarsenal : 9/13/2018 4:01 pm : link
In comment 14074134 BBelle21 said:
Needed to ask Odell to elaborate on the throw they didnít connect on so many times or why itís so fascinating to them.

As always, they're just fishing for soundbytes.

Unfortunately for them, he's getting really, really good at not providing any.
Yes, I just find it pathetic  
BBelle21 : 9/13/2018 4:34 pm : link
As we all do. I also wouldnít be surprised if it was Pat Leonard asking the tiresome question.

Iíve been very impressed with Odell this season. He seems more mature and seems to be enjoying Shurmurís offense. Iím excited for Dallas.
Tremendous interview of OBJ.  
TMS : 9/13/2018 8:26 pm : link
Glad he got his contract. Sounds like a team leader to me. Him and Barkley could be the face of the Giants to come,
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