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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/13/2018 2:45 pm
Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard
September 13, 2018

Q: I know you were a little banged up yesterday. How do you feel?
A: Iím practicing all day today, so Iíll be good.

Q: Did you pick up the baby the wrong way or something?
A: I must have (laughter). I slept wrong or something like that. Itís nothing major though. Weíre all good.

Q: What makes the Cowboys and Giants game so exciting? Seems like they always come down to the final moments all the time.
A: Yeah, everybody is going to play fundamentally sound. You donít get that many opportunities as an offense against Dallas. They tend to keep the ball in their hands a while. This year, hopefully itíll be different. Weíll get some turnovers, and get the ball back in the offenseís hands.

Q: Did you tease Eli and ask him if you will get to 15 targets this week?
A: No man, I just take what I can get (laughter). Fifteen would be nice, though. Thatíll be nice, Iím not going to lie (laughter).

Q: Is that something you have to get used to though? More weapons on offense this year may take away from some of your touches.
A: Thatís the way it goes. You got a lot of playmakers who you got to get the ball in guyís hands. Like I said, I just take what I can get and make do with what I get.

Q: Are there some things you saw in Week 1 with this offense that give you optimism of how good this offense is going to be this season?
A: Yeah, like I said earlier this week, this group of guys has a lot of fight in them. You got guys that are going to fight down to the wire. Thatís what you want on your squad.

Q: How has the mentality of the team been this week coming off that tough loss?
A: You just got flush it down the toilet, and get right back to work. I think thatís the main thing. Having guys that have a short memory. You take a loss, you learn from it. Come in, and you prepare for next week. One game is not going to define the season. Guys are looking forward to getting a ďWĒ this week.
"Seems like Giants/Cowboys always come down to the final moments."  
Mr. Bungle : 9/13/2018 3:00 pm : link
Last year:

Giants 3
Cowboys 19

Cowboys 30
Giants 10
Rong5611 : 9/13/2018 3:04 pm : link
Last year sucked. There have been some good games throughout the rivalry though. Always intense.

In comment 14074054 Mr. Bungle said:
Last year:

Giants 3
Cowboys 19

Cowboys 30
Giants 10
Good possession receiver for us.  
TMS : 9/13/2018 5:32 pm : link
Great routes and good hands. OBJ, Engram, Latimer and Barkley should get him single coverage a lot. Where he will do a lot of damage IMO.
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