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Friday Media Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/14/2018 2:55 pm
Linebacker Alec Ogletree
September 14, 2018

Q: (Inaudible)
A: Hopefully throughout the season, we can continue to do that week in and week out. Being that we are playing Dallas this week, it definitely brings your focus in a little bit more for sure.

Q: What kind of similarities can you take from playing (Jaguars RB) Leonard Fournette last week to playing (Cowboys RB) Ezekiel Elliott this week? Or, are they just two completely different backs?
A: Theyíre both different in their own ways. They can run the ball downhill really well, and have decent hands out the backfield. Itís different because of the different personnel all over the field. Like I said, we try to learn from what we did last week Ė first in the run, being the number one rushing team. Then come this week, play the number two rushing team. Itís definitely a good challenge for us.

Q: Is it different not having (WR) Dez Bryant or (TE) Jason Witten out on the field?
A: Itís definitely a difference just because you always knew those guys were going to be there for however long. Then all of a sudden, theyíre not there. So, youíre kind of looking for them on the film, you see certain routes that the tight ends and the receivers run. Now youíre like, ah man that used to be Witten and Dez right there. They got a good group of guys there. They still do some of the same stuff, but itís definitely a difference in watching them.

Q: Can you sense that (QB) Dak Prescott has a favorite target or a go-to guy that he throws the ball to often?
A: They only played one game. Like you said, itís a whole new receiving corps, tight ends, stuff like that. They have their guys that they like to throw to, Iím sure. For us, whoever he throws the ball to, we need to be there to make the plays.

Q: How are you guys handling the absence of (LB) Olivier Vernon? How confident are you in the rest of this group to step up and fill his void?
A: Itís the same thing. Itís a next man up league. Guys go down all the time, but itís harder to replace a guy like that, for sure. The guys that have stepped in last week got to do the same thing this week. I thought they handled themselves pretty well and prepared really well.

Q: What does rookie (LB) Lorenzo Carter bring to the team?
A: Heís a Georgia Dog, for one, so he already has a step on a lot of people (laughter). For him, heís been doing well. He came in, learned the playbook. Just getting his feet wet, learning what to do. Like I said, with OV being out, heís one of the guys that have to step up and make plays for us, and heís done nothing less than that.

Q: When Prescott rolls out of the pocket, do you feel as if heís doing it to buy some extra time to throw? Or, is he really going to take off and run?
A: He definitely wants to throw the ball once he gets outside the pocket, but he has the ability to run it. It kind of varies play to play, I would assume, for him. He definitely looks to throw the ball down the field when he does scramble out.
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