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Wednesday Media Transcript: C John Greco

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/19/2018 1:56 pm
C John Greco
September 19, 2018

Q: Is this kind of strange here for you? You came in as a guard, then three weeks into the season and youíre starting at center?
A:†No, I wouldnít necessarily say strange because if youíre kept on the roster, itís because you can play multiple positions, and when youíre a backup thatís what you have to be ready to do, and thatís the situation were in right now. Just have to be ready to rock and roll.†

Q: Whatís the mindset of the group up front, losing Jon (Halapio) and guys struggling so far?††
A: Any time you lose your partner in crime, one of your buddies in your room, you feel for him and we know that heís going to come back stronger than ever, but at the same time we just have to do everything we can this week to try to get a win. Itís going to be a tough road game, awesome atmosphere down in Houston, so we are excited about the challenge and opportunity. Weíve just got to work hard. If everybody just gets a little better each day, thatís all we can ask.

Q:†Thereís been a lot of talk about the guys up front, itís been an issue here the last few years. How do you guys react to the talk out there of how you guys have struggled?†
A: We just have to focus everything on in-house. We donít really listen to the talk outside, we know we have to play better and thatís the focus every week. When we get some wins itís going to be the same thing. Thereís going to be no let-up, and thatís how youíve got to approach it. You canít be complacent and when you know things arenít going your way you just have to do everything extra, and do everything in your power to be the cause of the wins and not the cause of losses.†††††

Q:†Jon made all the line calls. Is that automatically fall to you now?
A: Yeah, thatís typically something the center does in conjunction with Eli, but thatís something Iíve been used to and we worked on all spring and thatís what this system is. Itís something Iím used to.†

Q: How would you describe going from guard to then Brett [Jones] gets traded, now here you are the starting center?† The turn of events thatís kind of led to this point?
A: Itís out of my control. Iím here, Iím the starting center right now and what transpired and what went down I have no control over, I have nothing to do with. At this point Iím in there playing and snapping the ball, thatís all Iím focused on right now is trying to do everything I can from the center position to help us get a win.

Q:† In terms of the matchup that youíre going to face, (Duke Ejiofor) -- what have you seen form him on tape? It looks like he came on strong and made some good plays, I think [Texans Head Coach] Bill OíBrien said something about getting him more plays or more reps?
A: Right off the bat, they have one of the most talented front sevens in the league and they rely on their pass rushers, their big guys up front to make plays and wreak havoc. Thatís an issue were going to see every week, thereís never going to be a week where itís like, Ďoh these guys are going to go out there and lay downí. Every team has talent and this particular one has a lot of talent, so I think itís an exciting opportunity and they do have some good young talent in the middle not to mention edge guys and linebackers. We have hands full and we will every week and Iím excited about a good challenge.

Q: Do they do a lot of stunts and twists like the Cowboys?
A: Every scheme is a little bit different with their (defensive) coordinator, everybody has that in their playbook and in their arsenal. Thereís a question of whether weíre going to see a higher frequency of them, and we are preparing for that but at the same time were going to prepare like we do each week and watch the tape, work on their stuff. Everybody does something new because itís not going to just be a vanilla thing that youíre not going to see the same thing youíve seen the first two games, theyíre going to throw a wrinkle in here or there but at the end of the day they have some talented players they can just pin their ears back and go so weíve got to be able to block them.††

Q: Probably a year ago you didnít imagine youíd be in this place right now, right?††
A:† A year ago this time, I was at home. So, yeah, but I knew I still had enough gas in the tank that I couldíve been playing and I was just happy I got the opportunity here last year and then again this offseason, and here we are. So, that really hasnít entered my mind. Itís more of a laugh thing I can do at myself but yeah, Iím excited about the opportunity.†

Q: Youíve known Pat [Shurmur] probably longer than anybody else, how is he handling 0-2
A: The same way I think any other coach would. Never too high never too low, just have to keep approaching each day like we have been and eventually if we keep putting in that effort and investing the time and energy into it the wins are going to come. Hopefully sooner than later, and thatís kind of our mindset we just have to do it. Every man has to look deep in themselves and find one thing to get better on each week and thatís going to help us.†
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