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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2018 1:24 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.
September 20, 2018

Q: Do you think (the drug test) has anything to do with what happened this offseason?
A:†No, it was PEDs.††

Q: So it was totally different?
A: Yeah, thatís like steroids. Iím looking big! This is like performance-enhancing stuff. I pretty much get tested every week. Iíll just take it as a compliment.††

Q:†You said last week you were close after watching the tape. After watching this week, what did you come away thinking?†
A: It wasnít as close as the first week. They just came out and outplayed us. Some days, a team comes out and they just play a really good game and Dallas did that. Not to say we werenít prepared, they just played a better game. Same thing as last week Ė 0-2 now, weíve got to win. But itís not like the whole season is over if you donít. Itís just, you want to win games. We game plan it, we got some good stuff in and weíve got to come up with a victory.

Q:†Why havenít you been able to get the deep ball going? That seemed like it was going to be a big part of the offense coming in.††
A: It just hasnít happened. We had some shots but we just didnít connect on them. Itís all happening so fast, these first two games. Get the jitters out of the way, and get the season going.†

Q: There has been a lot of talk about why hasnít Eli just thrown you some more balls and let you use your athleticism to make the play, and I know Pat Shurmur said after the game you donít want to just throw them into coverage. Is it easier said than done?
A: Itís easier said than done. Like Coach said, you donít just want to throw them into coverage and stuff like that, but just finding ways to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers and allow us to make plays and keep the ball moving, keep this offense going in the right direction.

Q:† For the guys who have been here and youíve been through the offensive struggles and youíve talked about what needs to be done, how do you prevent it from being more than just two games? Going back in your head of whatís been the past struggles.††
A: I think itís making a conscious effort and decision to put a stop to it at some point, for us to come together as an offense and as a team, and just to play better football. Just play at a higher level than we have been, and thatís really it, to keep it simple, itís just about bringing that effort, that energy every day to practice; but, more importantly, on Sundays and get it going as a group.

Q: What has (Coach Shurmur) been like this week?
A: Same. He comes to work every day pretty consistent. Positive, like I said, weíre all trying to get going and get this first victory, get that off our shoulders.†††

Q: Did the Cowboys pay your more attention or throw more or different things at you than Jacksonville did?
A: Tough to say. I felt like the Cowboys have always done the same thing with the way they play Ė back off, keep everything in front, no big plays, and they eliminated all big plays. I donít know if they put more emphasis on it, itís just the scheme they use just worked for them.††††

Q: You spent a lot of time in that game in Dallas without getting a target. You went a long stretch of time without even a target. What is that like for you?
A: Itís tough, but I think thatís the part where Iíve grown up the most, is just being able to stay in it and know that itís always one play thatís right there. Itís always one play away.†

Q: How much did that test you? You said you wanted to be tested like that.
A: It was funny because itís like Iíd been asking for it and asking for it, and I got it. It was a tough test, but we made it through. Unfortunately, we didnít get the win but you always find small wins, small battles and you can take from that and use that part as some good.†

Q: Youíve been through this before, as far as adversity and slow starts, but how soon can a season sort of slip away?
A: Just as fast as it can go the other way, too. You can lose eight in a row, you can win eight in a row. You never know. When weíve got guys like Snacks over there, it can go either way real quick. We just want to make sure it doesnít go that way. Get this first win, then try and get it going.††

Q: (OC Mike Shula) said that theyíve got to get you the ball early.†
A: I donít mind (laughter). I just know, and I guess itís for anybody, if you can make one or two big plays early, your confidence is up. You know that Iím ready for whenever it comes to me again, but if you donít get it, you kind of canít find a rhythm, itís hard. Itíll be like a three-point shooter getting in a game and doesnít get to get his shot up. Itís hard to find a rhythm, so itís just about finding a rhythm, collectively.†

Q: What about the confidence not just of you but of the team, maybe if you were able to get something going? Obviously youíre a big playmaker here, injecting a little something in this offense thatís obviously looking for a little something?†
A: I think so. I think thatís what it really is, and thatís where if thereís any frustration, it comes down to that, not being able to provide that spark that we need. When youíve got another electrifying player over there like that, we just want to be able to bring as much as we can each and every time, bring that energy. I know that a couple touchdowns definitely would help the confidence of the offense and it carries over through special teams and defense.

Q: You guys have not had a lead in the first two games. Does it feel like it when youíre on the field, when games going on, weíre behind or weíre always playing from behind?†
A: The second game. We were only down by 10, but I felt like maybe we tried to press and we tried to hit a home run, and it could just be getting on base, I guess. Itís not really any pressure, I feel like 0-2 is just, itís 14 more games in the season. You can win all 14. You couldíve went 2-0 and you couldíve lost the next 14. You never know how itís going to go.

Q: I know you like watching other receivers. Have you ever watched (DeAndre Hopkins) that much?††
A: Oh yeah. We played against him in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl my sophomore year, I think the year before he was leaving, and Sammie Watkins got hurt on the third play of the game. (Hopkins) went crazy for the rest of the game. Iíve been watching him since college, since he was over there at Clemson, so I love his game. I remember when he was playing, we played him here and he had that catch against Prince down the field and they called it back. Trust me, Iíve been watching him a long time.††

Q: You havenít been part of all of it, but when you look at the stat, this non-30 point thing going on with you guys, not being able to score 30 points. How absurd is that to you that that just hasnít happened? Obviously itís an accumulation of a stretch of time.†
A: I feel you on that. I feel like thereís no way you canít score a touchdown in every quarter, and one somewhere else. It just doesnít seem unrealistic to me. I feel personally, I could score two touchdowns every game. I feel like Saquon could score two every game. There are other people on this team who could score every single game. Thatís over 35 points. Itís just a matter of executing it and making it happen, really. But it doesnít seem out of reach for me in my mind, I donít want to win 24-21. Iím trying to win 52-18, whatever they score. Zero. Nobody said it had to be close.

Q: You havenít won a game since the end of December in 2016?
A: I donít remember the last time I won a game was. Maybe some cards or something, but not an NFL football game. I havenít won one in a long time. Itís definitely not a good feeling, not something you come here to do. You donít come here to lose, you just donít.

Q: You canít block Ė downfield you can Ė but is there anything you can see or say to the offensive line to say some of these plays just arenít getting off the ground from the start because of Eli, the duress Eliís in?
A: Itís just about bringing more energy, honestly. Weíre still feeling each other out. Youíve had camp and all that, but until you get into the heat of battle and you know how a playerís going to be if itís tough, if itís that, weíre still finding each other, finding ourselves as a team. I think we know what we want to be, itís just about working harder to achieve that goal.†

Q: Weíve asked you about competition with the corners, whether itís (Jalen Ramsey) or anybody else. You mentioned Hopkins. Is this a competition for you to go out there to show what youíve got, when you know those guys are going to be doing the same?
A: I feel what youíre saying, I feel like Iíve started to get away from that because you could go for 300 yards and have five touchdowns and itís great, and you lose and thereís no feeling Ė itís not a good feeling. Okay, you had a good game, but you still lost. I hate losing. Itís just more about winning. Of course I would love to have more yards than Hopkins, but thatís not what you go out there to do. Iíd love to go against DBs and play a better game than them, but itís really more about getting wins.

Q: I know youíre friends with (Antonio Brown) and youíre an expert at handling this stuff at this point of your career, what would you say to him? I know you realize whatís going on with him. As a friend, what do you say to him? What advice do you give him? Heís had some problems there in Pittsburgh the last few days.
A: I donít know. I just feel like heíll have his opportunities. Sometimes you just get caught up in the heat of the moment, I think he knows. I donít know if thereís much I could really tell him, I think he knows what you can and cannot do and just about locking in more, being with your teammates, and starting to get back on track. Heís the best in the league, he has over 10-15 catches every single game and he usually can help his team get wins, so heís going to find his rhythm. I think he knows everything that he needs.
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