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Thursday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2018 1:47 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins
September 20, 2018

Q: Öwith #10 today, or this week?
A:†I donít know, you tell me. Iím just going to go out there and play football. Youíll have to wait and see on Sunday.†

Q: What do you think of him as a receiver?†
A: Heís good, great hands, nice route runner. They love to target him a lot, so we will be ready.†††

Q:†Are they easy to frustrate with a jam on the line of scrimmage?†
A: Sometimes, but it depends on how they act, how they react. I donít know, I just go there and do what Iíve got to do. Play football.

Q:†There are good receivers but I would say this week in Week 3, these are better guys than youíve played the first two weeks, I would say.†††
A: Yeah, you can say that. To me, everybody on the field is good. Treat everybody the same.††

Q: (DeAndre Hopkins) is a guy thatís obviously a really good receiver but when people talk about the top guys, they donít always mention him. How do you view it?
A: I just see heís got great hands, great route runner, I wonít get into all that top-five and top-ten receivers and stuff. Just play football.†

Q:† Heís a talker?††
A: This is my first time playing him. I donít really know him like that.

Q: (Will Fuller), the main thing is speed?
A: Yeah. Deep guy, can stay on top. Just play football.††††

Q: Does (Deshaun Watson) like to attack downfield, vertically? It seems like whenever they get an opportunity-
A: Yeah, he attacks every opportunity he gets, he also likes to scramble, which we know. Weíve just got to stay focused and play football.

Q: Are you concerned about Eli Apple with the hamstring?
A: No, Iím not concerned. Itís part of football, and Iím the next man up.

Q: When two high-quality players go at each other, mano a mano for the first time, who usually has the edge?†
A: You tell me. I donít know.

Q: If you go up against a guy five or six or seven times, then itís the guy who gets more familiar with the other, who studied him better and learned more. But if itís the first time, is that more instinctive?†
A: Itíll be a great battle. Playing off instincts and just what you see on films.†††

Q: How is he different than most guys youíve faced?
A: Nice ball reader, judgment of the ball, got great hands, heís okay with speed, route running ability is pretty nice. Just donít let him get his hands on the ball, basically. Donít let him touch it.††

Q: How important is this game for you guys? Youíre 0-2. 0-3 is a humongous hole. What kind of pressure do you look at it as?†
A: One game at a time. We understand what weíre in, what we got ourselves in, and we feel like weíre way better than that, so weíre just going to come out and play football, and have fun.

Here's what someone should have asked  
RobCarpenter : 9/20/2018 3:13 pm : link
Q. Can you avoid giving up a huge completion on their first drive for the third week in a row?
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