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Thursday Media Transcript: CB B.W. Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2018 1:51 pm
CB B.W. Webb
September 20, 2018

Q: (Inaudible)
A: Yeah man, definitely man. You got some great receivers over there. I know (DeAndre) Hopkins and (Will) Fuller. Fuller is a real fast guy and got real good hands and you know Hopkins is Hopkins, great hands, great ball skills, so you got to be ready to come in and play.

Q: Is the outside a more natural spot? Youve worked mostly inside, but your training has been very much inside also.
A: Im going to play wherever they tell me to play. Coach does a great job in getting me prepared wherever Im at on the field, so wherever they put me Im alright with that.

Q: Can you talk about the matchups with Hopkins and Fuller and the unique challenges those guys present to
A: Hopkins is Hopkins, you know. Hes a great player, great receiver, great hands, great ball skills, and Fuller, hell take you up top. Hes a fast guy, great hands also. We just have to stay on what were doing and do what we do great.

Q: Do they respond well to jams? I know some receivers can fight them off, some cant. I mean, what do you see on tape?
A: We just have to play our game. Whatever the defense calls for us to do, we have to do that great. Whatever they do differently, we just have to make plays on it.

Q: The fact that (Deshaun) Watson has such a strong arm and can rifle it on the move 60, 70 yards, how much of an issue is that?
A: Yeah, hes a great quarterback. He keeps plays alive with his feet, so we definitely have to be on them down the field longer in the down and when hes scrambling, just stay on our responsibilities.
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