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Thursday Media Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2018 2:25 pm
Safety Landon Collins
September 20, 2018

Q: What do you guys have to do to contain those zone reads?
A: We got some work in that we figured out how to stop it. We worked it in practice, and itís been working for us, keeping us in-tune, and not having us to read a lot.

Q: Was it something that you guys werenít executing right? Or was it something you guys need to change?
A: We just had to change the way we were playing it. We just werenít reading it the correct way. It was just too much to read.

Q: What quarterback runs those plays in practice?
A: Kyle (Lauletta), does. Heís the most athletic, and heís the youngest. Heís got those young legs (laughter).

Q: Talk about the problems QB Deshaun Watson poses.
A: Heís explosive with this legs, his arms, his vision, escaping the pocket, and giving his guys down field more time to be able to throw the ball, and get open so they can catch it. He has all those techniques. Itís something we have to cover.

Q: What do you do to stop the top rushing team?
A: We try to stop it. Theyíre the top rushing team for a reason. Theyíre doing really good at what they do best. Like I said, we just got to do what we do best on defense, stop the run, and try to get them in long distances so we can get off the field.

Q: Is it accurate to say you evaluate your performance and you tell yourself more can be done to impact this game?
A: We harp on it. We harp on stripping the ball out, trying to get interceptions, trying to get them to throw us one. Sometimes, it just doesnít pan out that way. Eventually, it will. Last week, we couldíve had two, but sometimes it just doesnít go that way.

Q: How about for you personally?
A: No, Iím just doing my job within the defense. Like I said, a lot of teams key in on me when Iím down. A lot of stuff is sliding my way, but thatís opening up looks for other guys. Thatís a plus, because last week we had a blitz, and Iím down disguising it. The whole line and the back slid my way. (LB) Ray-Ray (Armstrong) shot free towards the quarterback, and he had to throw it in the air. Theyíre going to key in on me while Iím down there. Like I said, we got blitzes coming from everywhere. You never know really whoís coming.

Q: Is that difficult to do? Being a decoy?
A: At the end of the day, a play is going to come. You got to be patient. Iím not forcing anything. Iím just doing my job, because if they do try me, Iím going to make it count. If I donít, I hope my other guys do, and they will, and they have.

Q: Whatís the key to getting off to a faster start on defense?
A: Coming out fast, thatís about it. Itís really just hitting the guys in the mouth thatís across the ball from us, honestly. Playing tough on defense. We have the guys, we know what we have to do. We show it throughout the game. We just have to do it once the first snap hits.

Q: Do you think guys are thinking too much?
A: Not really, because the first five calls are very simple, and sometimes they get a big play. Jacksonville, they hit us over the head one time. Same thing with Dallas, but once we settled down after those first three or four plays, weíre good.

Q: What specifically about DeAndre Hopkinsí physicality makes him so difficult to cover?
A: His ability to catch the ball anywhere. If itís in arms-length, I would say even fingers-length, he can definitely catch it. Thatís what he does.

Q: Physically, heís just gifted, right?
A: Physically heís just gifted. If the ball is in his area, itís more than likely a 90% chance itís his ball. Heís that good of an athlete to do that.

Q: Most people donít talk about (Texans WR Will) Fuller V, but heís a speed demon. How worried do you have to be about him?
A: Heís definitely on our radar. We got to keep him covered too. We got guys that know what theyíre doing. Weíve got a coverage that knows how to keep contained and keep him in front of us, so we donít have those big plays over the top of us.

Q: How much do you have to be concerned about (QB) Deshaun Watsonís ability to extend plays and find his receivers down field?
A: Thatís one of our biggest concerns is keeping him contained. If we keep him in the pocket, I think we do a better job with that because if he gets outside the pocket, heís a different player, a different dynamic. Then, he can turn third-and-15ís into first downs with his legs. We got to keep him contained, thatís the biggest thing.

Q: What challenge does him holding the ball like that, waiting for something to open up, present for you guys in the back end?
A: When heís holding the ball like that, weíve got to know that we have to match their guys. Now, it turns to man coverage in the back, and making sure everybody is in front of us and that when he does throw the ball in the air, itís our ball.
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