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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/26/2018 2:32 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins
September 26, 2018
Q: They’re averaging about 34 points a game, that’s a big number.
A: Yeah, just come out and play defense. Everybody just swarm to the ball, play as a team, and we’ll be ok. 
Q: Not only do they have good receivers, but the guy coming out of the backfield is not bad either.
A: Yeah, once again, play good defense, swarm to the ball, play as one, and just finish every play.
Q: I know it’s early and the defense is still coming together, but do you sense this concept of team defense really starting to take root with everybody?   
A: Yeah, it’s coming along. Everybody’s learning everybody, we got the system down, each week we’re just getting better. I can see it on the film, we can see it on film, each week we are getting better and we’ve got to come in week in and week out and do the same thing. 
Q: Do you see a difference in them when they’re indoors or outdoors? 
A: Yeah, quarterback wise, Brees, as far as throwing the ball, accuracy and all that. But once again, he’s a great quarterback, we’ve got to be on our toes and we’ve just got to be prepared.
Q: How difficult for you guys is it as a secondary when you have to account for someone like Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara, who has become a pretty big threat for them in the receiving game? 
A: Just play as 11. Everybody swarm to the ball, play defense, and just play fast and we’ll be ok.
Q: Do you sense a difference in here coming off a win as opposed to the first two weeks?
A: Yeah, it’s a big difference. Everybody is high energy, motivated. We’ve been motivated, but even more motivated. Just got to keep stacking the wins and we know that, just got to compete.   
Q: What makes (Drew Brees) so special in your mind, having played against him?
A: He gets the ball out fast, he understands all kinds of schemes and coverages, and he runs the show on the offense. Just got to stay on our toes.
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