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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/26/2018 2:36 pm
QB Eli Manning
September 26, 2018

Q: When you look back at Sundayís game, what did you like best about the offense?
A: I liked a bunch of things, I thought we got off to a fast start, which is great, going down and getting the touchdown and responded and kept Ė first half was impressive. Third quarter didnít do as well, but when we needed a drive at the end, also responded and got a touchdown at the very end to seal the victory. Those are two good things to build off and knowing we have that ability to when you need a drive and you got to get something going, we can go make it.

Q: Is it always special to play against a guy like Drew (Brees) whoís been around the league for a long time as well and has done some magical stuff?
A: Yeah, known Drew a long time and watched his career and obviously what heís been able to do in New Orleans is impressive, so great person, great quarterback and always fun to compete against him.

Q: Getting one win is nice, but how do you concentrate here and follow-up? How do you build something? How do you gain momentum?
A: I think last week we had great urgency and understanding what we had to fix it and get better. I think you have to have that same mentality. We got to fix things from last week that there were mistakes and I think thatís the mindset is to get better and improve each and every week.

Q: Is it a mistake to go in there and think we got to score 30 or 40?
A: All you do is game plan. You game plan, you see what plays you like and you go execute and so thatís all you can worry about. You never put a Ďyou have to score this amount or that amountí, you always have goals you want to hit in general, but you play the game and you donít know whatís going to happen or what the circumstances are. You just got to be ready for whatever game it turns out to be.

Q: Theyíre giving up only three yards per rush, which is the best in the league defensively. Is there something special about their D that seems to standout?
A: They do a good job. They like to play a lot of single safety and have a safety down so theyíre pretty big up front in their D-Line and stuff. They do a good job against the run and we just got to be able to find the run game, but also see if we can hit some plays in the pass game as well.

Q: Is Drew inspirational for what heís able to do at 39?
A: Yeah itís been impressive. What heís been able to do, the way heís playing this year, the last couple of years. He hasnít dropped off, still moving around, making plays and throwing it as good as ever.

Q: Is there one thing that has impressed you the most or surprised you about the production?
A: No surprise. Watched Drew play in college and his whole career. Known him for a long time so just he keeps doing it. He keeps being able to throw the ball accurately and still got great arm strength and get down the field, still runs around and looks young out there.

Q: Is it nice to play against a quarterback who can call you kid?
A: Again, Drew does a great job. Our focus is on their defense and just trying to get prepared to go play them.

Q: Coach was talking about there were a number of opportunities last week where you couldíve had a home run ball where thereís a big play mentality with your club. When you have a chance to do that with so many guys, so many weapons, what does that mean?
A: Obviously thereís going to be some opportunities to take some shots and you got to be patient, canít force them, but we got guys who can get down the field and some of it is not necessarily throwing a 50-yard throw, itís our guys Ė theyíre shifty, theyíre quick, you can hit them, throw it accurately out of breaks. When theyíre on the move, they can turn short throws into big gains.

Q: Hot topic around the league right now is sort of how theyíre protecting the quarterbacks. Have you seen guys approach the way they come at you or hit you any differently?
A: I havenít noticed it. I havenít seen it from personally being out there. I know guys are conscious of it, the way theyíre being called on certain hits so not a concern for me really. Iím okay with it.

Q: What do you think about the overall impression of them wanting to protect the quarterbacks to this degree?
A: I think they understand it. Theyíre trying to make it safer. Obviously as a quarterback, you donít mind them trying to eliminate some of the driving you into the ground and eliminate the plays that could cause injuries, so I see both sides of the equation there.

Q: What one thing did the reconstituted offensive line really do well last week that you can see them building off of going forward?
A: I think they did a good job just picking up the pressures, just competing, just keep fighting. I think just have that mentality that they were going to block up some good players. Good defensive line and they were tough and just kind of hung in there and if they gave up Ė a teamís going to give up a sack or stuff like that is going to happen, just not get frustrated, donít let that affect the next series.

Q: How exciting is this home game, good team coming in, early in the season, trying to get things going Ė whatís your message this week?
A: I think everybody is excited. Been on the road two weeks in a row and get a home game and go out there and hopefully get our first win at home. I think guys are excited about that opportunity.

Q: Did you notice a different attitude in your line last week as simple as technique?
A: I think itís just everybody being dialed in to what our jobs were, doing our job better and thatís me, thatís with the offensive line just being on the same page, weíre communicating things and so just an urgency to make sure we know exactly what weíre doing, what our calls are going to be so guys can play fast and know exactly whatís going on.

Q: Knowing Drew for a long time, do you remember when you met him? Was it at Ole Miss?
A: I think I met Drew Ė he was still at Purdue, I think we were both at a Colts game and somehow being at Purdue in Indiana and I said I was at one of Peytonís (Manning) games and he came to the game. I think I met him on the sideline or met him maybe in the locker room after so I was in high school or college at the time and just kind of kept up. Just known him since then and watched his career.

Q: Youíve been through a lot. Have you ever been through anything quite like that game a few years ago in the Dome?
A: That was a wild one and just back and forth high scoring. Had an opportunity to win it at the end and had a crazy kind of kickoff return and field goal, so no I donít think Iíve been in a game quite like that one.

Q: When you walked off the field, you had six Ė you never had six touchdowns before in a game. In high school or college, you ever had six?
A: I donít know. Maybe in college one game.

Q: It was a weird feeling walking off Ė
A: Yeah, you kind of felt like you did a lot of stuff, but we also had a chance to win it at the end with the two-minute drive and we had to punt. Obviously you could always do more, but yeah felt like we had played a great game and lose and thatís what a lot of teams wouldíve felt that a little bit against the Saints. They got the ability to score a lot of points.

Q: There arenít a lot of positions in pro sports where guys thrive in their late 30s, but there does seem to be a bunch of quarterbacks that do that. What is it do you think about the position that lets guys play well for so long?
A: Itís not extremely taxing on your body. Besides your arm, practices arenít brutal. Games you can take a few hits, but you donít necessarily have to be fast or be explosive and those types of things which can kind of Ė you could lose at an older age, but guys are taking care of their bodies better, theyíre taking care of their arm, more arm care and if you could still keep a strong arm and still keep your joints healthy where you can move around a little bit, you can continue to play.

Q: Used to be an anomaly. Why do you think your generation in particular, thereís a lot of guys that are Ė even your draft class, your brother played until 40.
A: I think taking care of your bodies and your arms. Thereís more research. The workouts, the lifting, the conditioning. Yeah, I think arm care, you probably donít throw as much. Two-a-days and those things where you used to tire out your arm and wear it out. Donít have to go through those things anymore so probably just being smarter about everything and probably also some of the hitting. Taking care of the quarterback and the hits. Back in the Ď70s, a late hit on a quarterback wasnít called that often. Injuries that you do have, probably better surgeries, better rehab to get back healthy.

Q: I know youíre not going to tell us how long you want to play, but because of that, can you reset your expectations of how long a career can be?
A: I donít think I ever had an expectation of how long it would be in the first place. You kind of play until youíre not.
arcarsenal : 9/26/2018 2:42 pm : link
This is another one where I expect to see a good bit of empty backfield with Saquon split wide.

We need to clear that extra safety out of the box a bit. There are going to be shots to take downfield if we can keep Eli protected. I guarantee we'll hit on at least one big play to Beckham if the OL can just hold serve a bit.

Cam Jordan is going to require a lot of double teams and chips. He can wreck a game if you don't give your tackle help.

It's pretty amazing how Barkley just adds this dimension to the offense that simply did not exist before. You really kind of have to pick your poison against the Giants offense right now. But again, it all comes down to handling pass pro and getting the calls right at the LOS.

This is going to be a good football game.
I didn't know the saints run defense was that good.  
Ten Ton Hammer : 9/26/2018 2:56 pm : link
Not sure why anyone would chalk this up as a shootout.
RE: I didn't know the saints run defense was that good.  
jcn56 : 9/26/2018 3:04 pm : link
In comment 14094977 Ten Ton Hammer said:
Not sure why anyone would chalk this up as a shootout.

Because teams are averaging almost 40 PPG against the Saints?
RE: RE: I didn't know the saints run defense was that good.  
Ten Ton Hammer : 9/26/2018 3:21 pm : link
In comment 14094990 jcn56 said:
In comment 14094977 Ten Ton Hammer said:


Not sure why anyone would chalk this up as a shootout.

Because teams are averaging almost 40 PPG against the Saints?

Is the Giants offense as good as Atlanta and Tampa? The answer is no, since they don't have the line to enable them to score points like that. We already know this is the case, so why place the Giants in the same standard. You expect Atlanta to score points. You expect Tampa to score points. The Giants are unproven in this area to say the least.

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