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Friday Media Transcript: WR Russell Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/28/2018 2:48 pm
WR Russell Shepard
Sept. 28, 2018

Q: Looking forward for this opportunity?
A: Definitely. Last time I played with Odell Beckham, we were like 20, 21 so extremely excited to get to go out there and make plays for this team, help put this team in great position going down this big run.

Q: You have some familiarity going against the Saints. That was your division for the last couple of years.
A: Yeah I probably played the Saints more than anybody in this locker room. I was in Tampa for four years, played them twice a year. Then in Carolina last year they beat us three times so I understand what theyíre capable of. I understand their personnel, the guys. I played with Kurt Coleman and Iíve seen some of their young guys in the secondary kind of grow up throughout the years so definitely feel like my experience with them I can help and I can do some things.

Q: See opportunities to stretch the field?
A: Definitely. You see that on film the first few games. Tampa did a great job of it, obviously with the speed and the guys they have on the perimeter and even the Browns did a good job of it, taking big shots so the shots will be there, we just have to capitalize and kind of do whatís expected of us, catch the football. Simple as that.

Q: With (Evan) Engram down, do you expect maybe Ė one of the reasons you donít have a lot of 3-4 receivers is that because you do so much two tight end. Do you expect to give the Saints a bit of a different look this week? Maybe more one tight end, three receiver kind of stuff?
A: I donít think thatís going to affect how we do and how we play football here because the guys that are behind, guys like Engram and stuff, the coaching staff and the front office trust these guys so itís definitely going to probably open up more doors for other guys with just spreading the touches that he got, but itíll be there.

Q: Last time you shared a field with Odell, did you have any idea heíd be what heís become?
A: I knew he would be really good, but I donít think he can even say he knew he would be in this position four years from now. Sometimes things fall into place. Itís kind of freaky to see how people become who they are, but between that catch and being in this big market and his personality, the young generation loves him so I donít think Ė the thing that is special with Odell is thereís another side of him outside of football, heís a celebrity. You recognize him when you go to gas station or the store. Lot of times a lot of great football players can squeak and hide underneath the door. I donít think nobody knew who heíd become today so itís pretty cool.

Q: That shirt was new the last time you played with Odell.
A: Yeah man, he was a freshman.

Q: Itís held up pretty well, that shirt.
A: I know, right? Dudes, they get the most kick out of everybody is 13-0. We lost to Alabama though.

Q: Shouldnít have even been playing Alabama.
A: We shouldíve been playing Oklahoma State. Weíd be 14-0.
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