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Post-Game Transcript: CB Donte Deayon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2018 8:54 pm
CB Donte Deayon
Postgame vs. Saints
September 30, 2018

Q: What happened on the defensive pass interference call at the end of the game?
A: I was out there competing. I thought I got there the same time the ball did. I got up, I saw the flag, and they called P.I. It was what it was.

Q: Is it frustrating having that called on you at that point in the game after making a play on defense?
A: Yeah, it was pretty deflating. Youíre trying to get the ball back for our offense, and they call a pass interference, and it negates all of that. So, it was pretty deflating.

Q: Did you get an explanation on the screen as to what happened?
A: [The referee] He said the dude blocked me at the same time he [the receiver] caught it. I donít really want to get into all of that.

Q: Do you feel that prevented you from making the tackle in that spot?
A: Turning it back to my head, yes.

Q: What did you think about the performance on defense as a group?
A: I thought we fought hard. We saw the stuff we got to clean up and get better at, but we were out there competing and fighting hard. Weíll go back and clean up the details and come back ready to go.

Q: Putting aside the 1-3 record, how would you assess the team so far? There were some games that were definitely winnable.
A: Weíll just get back to the drawing board, clean up the details, and then come out ready to go and try to turn this thing around.

Q: When you look at the way you held (Saints QB Drew) Brees and (Saints WR Michael) Thomas in check, do you feel like you guys shouldíve won this game when they only had the numbers they had?
A: Itís a complete team effort on everything. Really, we didnít do it enough. So, just clean up the details and getting back to it, and trying to get some wins.

Q: Talk about the pass interference call.
A: I was just competing. I thought I got there at the same time as the ball did. Didnít feel like I hooked him or anything, and they called a flag.

Q: You guys gave up a lot of third-down conversions on the last couple of drives there. Was it just a matter of being a little gassed?
A: We just got to clean up the minor details. It was minor details that we just got to clean up and watch the tape and make sure they donít show up again.

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