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Monday Media Transcript: DL Josh Mauro

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/1/2018 2:57 pm
DL Josh Mauro
October 1, 2018

Q: Are you excited to be back?
A: Excited to be back around the guys, get around like-minded people. All I want to do is just help contribute, get wins. Itís a lot different watching than actually being out there, so a good lesson, you learn through everything, ups and downs. Iím just grateful to be back here and I just want to help contribute to win football games.

Q: What do you hope to bring to the defense once you get back out there?††
A: Energy, just the mindset. Itís contagious. Flying around, celebrating with your teammates, being physical, flying around Ė thatís very contagious. People see that and you can build off that, so I just want to do my job at the highest level I can and contribute as much as I can and help bring wins to this football team.††

Q: Where were you and what have you been doing?†
A: Iíve been up here training, just staying low key. Training five to six times a week, watching a lot of football, which Iím about sick of watching football Ė itís a lot better playing than having the view. Just trying to stay sharp, stay mentally sharp watching the games, seeing what weíre doing on film, just trying to pick it up and go from there. Just excited to be back.†††

Q: What was the training like Ė physical working out, or football stuff?
A: Like I said before I left, you try to balance out and try to do as much football-simulated stuff that you can, but I canít find 300-pound dudes and put pads on and say come and attack me. Thereís just not guys out there like that. Thatís why the guys in this locker room are in this locker room, so itís rare to find people that can keep you sharp on that level but as far as running, trying to do football movements, weights and everything, just tried to stay as sharp as I can. Really excited to get back out Wednesday and really just fly around.†††

Q: Do you think youíd be ready to play on Sunday?
†A: Physically, yes. Mentally, Iíll be there. I know four weeks seems like a long time, but itís really not that long in the grand scheme of things. Itís keeping your body sharp, so Iím just excited to be back and if I get my number called Iíll be ready to go.

Q: Minute after the game ends last night, were you kind of revved up and had to come in here?
A: Obviously the loss sucked. Itís always a team perspective on things, but yeah as soon as the game was over, I got that feeling again. It feels really good, Iím glad to be back. I just want to help contribute.

Q: Were you here especially early this morning?
A: I didnít get here too early because things started a little later, but yeah I got here with time to get everything settled.
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