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Wednesday Media Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/3/2018 2:38 pm
Safety Landon Collins
October 3, 2018

Q: When you look at this Carolina offense, what do you all have to do to contain them?
A: Play our technique, play sound ball, run through the ball, and just make plays. Play our assignments right, play our gaps right, and be sure we surround the ball as quick as possible.

Q: Is there any significant differences in the way (Panthers QB) Cam Newton is playing under the new offensive coordinator?
A: Itís hard to say. Iím trying to watch all of their games. They arenít a conference team, so we donít play them twice, so itís just hard to figure it out. After watching him, I feel like heís the same Cam. So, itís not too much of a difference.

Q: How much have you missed (LB) Olivier Vernon, and how much does he mean to this defense?
A: He means a lot to this defense. Heís a big part of it. We need him. I think heís going to be back this week. Heís a big part of the defense.

Q: How have you missed him?
A: Heís just a big part of the defense. He gets some sacks on the quarterback, definitely some TFLís (tackle-for-loss). Big part of the defense.

Q: As you face yet another mobile quarterback, what impact can Olivier Vernon have?
A: The great thing about Vernon is heís quick on his feet for a big guy. Very smooth. He can get rid of blocks very strong. When the quarterback comes his way, he can outrun some quarterbacks and keep up with them. Itíll be good.

Q: What kind of unique challenge does (RB) Christian McCaffrey pose as compared to some of the other running backs youíve seen so far?
A: Heís shifty, heís quick on his feet, he could razzle-dazzle you. He also has strength. Heís a nice back, heís very solid. Heís a well-rounded back.

Q: Heís (McCaffrey) a guy that can do some damage as a receiver too. Is that something you guys have to keep an eye on?
A: Yeah, heís kind of like (Saints RB) Alvin Kamara coming out of the backfield, a receiving-type running back who you can also hand the ball off too. You get him in open space, itís kind of hard to cover him. You got to keep an eye on him, definitely.

Q: When you look at Cam Newton and his size and physicality, how do you break him down and try to tackle him coming out of that read option offense?
A: Like anybody else, you just tackle him. Other than that, when heís in the backfield and in the tackle box, you still got to treat him like a quarterback. When heís outside the tackle box, you just tackle him, honestly. Go after his legs. Every running back goes down when they canít run with their legs.

Q: How did Carolina have so much success running the ball against Cincinnati? What did you observe from that tape?
A: I havenít gotten to that film. Iíve watched the Atlanta film, and one other game. I havenít watched that one yet.

Q: What do you see thatís allowing them to have so much success running the ball?
A: Their misdirection, guys like McCaffrey catching the ball out of the backfield. Cam Newton holding their zone read longer than most quarterbacks will hold it. Sometimes, he just takes it when he shouldnít take it. On those, you just have to play sound defense. Youíve got to play sound defense against him and be able to tackle these guys. They can make big gains.

Q: They like to throw a lot of vertical routes down the field to open up McCaffrey to the short passing game. How do you guys stop it?
A: Like I said, thereís a lot of misdirection. You have to use your eyes and play sound defense. You got to run around and play hard defense.

Q: What can you tell people that are sitting there panicking saying the run defense isnít as good as it used to be?
A:Our run defense is really good. If you go back to the Saints game, we gave up three carries for 84 yards. Before that, we were giving up 2.9 yards a carry. Throughout the game, and before those three big rushes, he had 84 yards. We just have to play sound continue playing sound throughout the whole game. If we do that, weíll be alright.

Q: How did you guys evaluate what happened on that zone read that went for a touchdown against the Saints?
A: Honestly, itís a different play call. Everyone just has to know their gap assignments.

Q: Can going to a hostile place kind of bring a team together going on the road being in the hotel?
A: Yeah, always, because itís us against the world you feel like when youíre going to a hostile place like that. Weíre going away, itís an away game. So, we definitely have to stick together as a team. We got a few fans there, but thereís going to be more Carolina fans than Giants fans.

Q: What kind of things do you expect from a team coming off a bye? What kind of challenge does that present?
A: They kind of got to get back into the swing of things. Thatís the biggest part, just getting back into the swing of things, and making sure, coming off a win to continue having that winning mentality.

Q: With Coach (Mike) Shula previously being the offensive coordinator in Carolina, can he give you any more insight in addition to watching the film? Or, is it totally different now?
A: We talked to him about a couple of things. Weíve got some insight about what they do, and how they use stuff. I canít give you that information (laughter).

Q: Have you talked to your guy (Seahawks FS) Earl (Thomas)?
A: I have not yet. We got a lot of stuff going on right now, especially with the injury. He has to go through surgery, so Iím going to wait. I talked to my agent, and he talked to him Ė heís good, heís good.

Q: Youíre not exactly in the same situation, but you have a contract on the horizon after this season. Does his situation give you any pause or concern?
A: No, itís always in the back of your head. You donít want to get hurt, definitely in contract season. You want to be secure. I play football and I love this game, and Iím going to play hard.

Q: What did you think about the job (CB Janoris Jenkins) Jackrabbit did against (Saints WR) Michael Thomas?
A: I think he did a good job. They were running a lot of drag routes away from Jackrabbitís leverage, and he made the plays, he made the tackles. He got a good back-shoulder pass from (Saints QB) Drew Brees, but Drew Brees is a Hall Of Fame quarterback. He can make those throws.

Q: Do you think he gets enough credit for being one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL? Or do you think he kind of flies under the radar?
A: I donít pay attention to all of that, honestly. I think Jackrabbit is one of the best corners out there, and he proves that each and every week.

Q: You guys have a quick turnaround with the Thursday Night game after this Sunday. How big is this stretch of games in terms of defining what you guys can do this week?
A: Honestly, Iím not even thinking about next week. Right now, itís Carolina. Obviously, we have a Thursday night game, but itís not on my mind right now. We got Carolina.

Q: You had a couple of good pass breakups, one that got called back for a penalty on somebody else. The way (WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) is itching to get into the end zone, are you itching for that first forced fumble or interception?
A: No, honestly, Iím just playing ball, because if Iím itching for it, thatís when Iím pressing for it. It might cause some mistakes. If I make mistakes, itís going to cost for us either for a first down or a touchdown. I play my game, I play my assignments, and I just let it come to me patiently.
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