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Thursday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2018 1:55 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur

October 4, 2018

Q: I know they were limited, but were (Olivier Vernon) and (Eli Apple) able to do any team stuff yesterday?

A: Yeah, they did team work yesterday. I guess we listed them as limited, but they were out there competing in team activities.

Q: (Cody) Latimer also?

A: Yeah.

Q: Are they significantly closer than last week at this point?

A: Thatís fair to say, yeah.

Q: Are you counting on Sterling Shepard playing Sunday?

A: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Q: If you get (Olivier Vernon) back, how much of a help is he against a guy like Cam (Newton), who can make plays running the ball, from the pocket? How big of a boost would that be?

A: Itís good. If we can get OV back, it helps our defense. We add another player that can play from the edge, not only to set the run but also to pass rush.

Q: Is (Josh) Mauro going to be ready?

A: Yeah, heís training, so thereís a chance we could bring him up. I think we need to make that transaction by Monday though, so weíll just have to see. Right now, the game day roster is just a little bit up in the air with some of the guys coming back and then certainly you add Mauro to the mix.

Q: How do you view where your team is mentally?

A: Mentally, I think weíre a team that knows weíve got to compete and work, and weíre fighting to get better and win a football game. Thatís where weíre at. I know you guys are all constantly asking me that question, but weíve coached long enough to know that, and thereís a lot of teams right now that havenít won all their games, so weíre all doing the same things, trying to get ourselves rolling in the right direction. Thatís the real part of this, and thatís where weíre at. Weíve got a really good locker room of guys that are competing and working and trying to do what we can to win a game.

Q: Is that a balance you have to consciously strike between panic and urgency?

A: You never panic, but there is always urgency, and right is right, and right is playing well and winning. Thereís never panic. Thereís always urgency. Thatís a good question, itís an easy one to answer.

Q: Are you sitting there second guessing yourself at all with the offense struggling, are you sitting there going Ďitís going to comeí?

A: No, I donít second guess. As you move forward, just as much as the players are going through the things that they wish they mightíve done better, we do the same thing as coaches, and then you just keep moving. Thatís really what you do. We donít second guess, we just keep moving. We correct, and weíre always self-scouting ourselves, but youíve got to be willing, too, to say in this scenario, we probably wouldnít do this again, and then you move forward and learn from it. Thatís the journey weíre all on.

Q: Howís Evan Engram doing? What kind of progress has he made?

A: Good. Heís made good progress. Weíll just have to see. He wasnít involved in the team activities yesterday, though, but getting better.

Q: Is it hard to tell the difference between (panic and urgency) when youíre judging the team, or is it easy to spot, to know that guys arenít panicking?

A: No, I just subscribe to the theory that you donít panic. You stay calm but youíre always urgent.

Q: Do you see that when youíre looking at your players whether they feel the same?

A: Yeah, but the mindset of the coaches and the mindset of the veteran leadership is you just keep going and you donít. Thatís sort of where it all gets reinforced.

Q: With a veteran quarterback like Eli (Manning), when the offense isnít going well, do you take a hands-on approach to letís critically analyze whatís happening here, or do you trust?

A: No, thereís always conversation with the quarterback, and when you paint the general picture that itís not going well Ė we havenít scored enough points. Thereís things in there that we build on to help us now then score more points, but I will never point to that when we donít win a game. I will never talk about that. There are things weíre doing well, but thereís things we need to do better more often, and thatís the challenge and thatís the journey as youíre getting ready to go. And you always involve the quarterback Ė what did you see here, why did you do this? Give them a situation again, what did you do this? Hereís what weíd like to see you do. So thereís always feedback there. You never just bring a quarterback to the sideline and holler at him because he didnít do it. What you do is you say, ok, what did you see? Why did you do it? Then you take it from there.

I liked his answer to the last question...  
Dan in the Springs : 10/4/2018 2:28 pm : link
mark of a teacher and not an over-reactive, lose your crap kind of guy. I know a lot of times we all wish the HC would lose it on the sideline and fire some guys up. Part of that is because we saw how easy Parcells made it look.

But this is a different day and age. Times have changed. Players don't react well to that stuff anymore. And more importantly, Shurmur should be taking the long view here four games into his Giants career - he's got to keep the mentality on improvements.

Now, get the offense fixed Shurmur. We don't need 50 ppg, but we'll need to score more than we have been if we want to win on Sundays.
When they say "We did some good things"  
NewBlue : 10/4/2018 4:16 pm : link
I understand that is the way you build toward improvement, these guys should not be negative nellies like some of us fans, but my reaction is.... of course you did SOME things right, but that is not good enough.

When I play golf and I get the occasional birdie, but still shoot high scores, I look at the big picture (I am a lousy golfer) how long does it take to know that what you are doing is not working? 4 wins in the last 20 play-offs in how long? No 30 point games in 2 years....just ugly big picture....This is only Shurmer's 5th game, but it's getting late early around here.
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