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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2018 1:57 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.
October 4, 2018

Q: This is the week, right? This is the week you get into the end zone?
A: I donít know. You seem more concerned about the end zone than me.††††††

Q: Youíre not concerned?
A: No, Iím not concerned. I missed four games my rookie year and still came back and did what I did. The end zone, itíll come.††††

Q: Whatís the frustration level that you canít seem to get the passing (game) throughout a full game?
A: Frustration, I donít know if thatís the right word. Itís just a matter of when itís going to click. Like I said, we missed the first quarter of the season, we canít have it back, but thereís still another three quarters. Itís about making the most of those. At any point in time, you could win seven games in a row, then youíre sitting at what? 8-3. I always say this, you couldíve won the first eight and lost the first eight. Itís just about when you catch fire. But there does need to be a sense of urgency to play better, do better, execute, win games, but thereís definitely not a panic in my mind, in my body, soul, my heart. Iím not panicking.††

Q: Do you feel that sense of urgency?†
A: It needs to be. If it isnít felt, it needs to be felt. We need to come out like I said when we were in Houston, we just need to have that energy. The word that Iím going to keep repeating is energy. Itís about energy, itís about the way you come in here every day to work, the way that we all vibe and bond together. Being a team isnít about one person scoring touchdowns, itís about the little stuff. Itís about the locker room, the vibe, everything Ė just bringing that energy a little more than what we have already.††

Q: Ron Rivera was talking yesterday and he said he watches the film of the Giants and he says, Odell is getting a lot of attention. Are you sitting there saying, itís getting frustrating because I canít make plays because Iím getting all the attention?††††
A: I always hear the word frustrated. Iím sorry, itís funny. Yeah, there is a lot of attention that goes on me, thereís times Iíve been in that red zone and I watch the nickel whoís over me covering me, the linebacker drop out to my side, the safety be over the top. Thereís a lot of attention that goes there, so I joked with everybody in here, I was like, you know that Iím coming back off the ankle surgery, Iím thinking maybe Iíll get a chance, you have to prove yourself, and itís like they just jumped right back into what they were doing last year, doubling up and doing those things. We just have to find ways to get around that.†

Q: Is it up to the other guys or to Eli (Manning) to go to the other guys?††††
A: Itís just up to us to make plays wherever that ball is. We need to be making plays. We need to block up front, we need to throw it, we need to run it, we need to be making plays every which way, especially now.†

Q: How much do you see when you go back and watch the film, opportunities down the field to make plays?† Are they there? Is it something thatís not there because of what theyíre doing?
A: Theyíre there, theyíre not there, itís just a matter of doing it. Thereís only so much Ė theyíre there, theyíre not there. I donít know how to answer that. Thereís opportunities, thereís not opportunities. Itís just about taking advantage of the opportunities that are there.

Q: A couple years ago you took over the game against Baltimore when the team really needed a win. Do you think of yourself needing to have that kind of game when the team is up against the wall in a game like this?†
A: The problem is, I think I can do that every game. Thatís just the way Iím built, thatís my own mentality, is I always feel like I can do the most, like I can go for a thousand yards every game. Not literally, but thatís just how I feel. I donít feel like Iíve been stopped, no disrespect to anybody, but I donít feel like I can be covered. I am just very confident in me, Iíve worked an entire offseason to be able to bring the best me to this team and I just want to be able to do that.†††††

Q: Thatís a lot of yards, a thousand.††††† †
A: Thatís a lot of yards in a game. You might have to sit out the next week if you do something like that. Not literally, but I feel very confident in my ability and in what I bring to the table, and I just want to be able to do that. The feeling in my soul to be able to do that, thatís if anything, frustrating. Thatís the only thing. I just feel like Iíve worked so hard, I want to be able to bring my best to the table each and every Sunday.†

Q: A lot of talk about that first drive last week, you guys go down and score the touchdown, and of course the Texans game. You guys go through stretches of games where the offense just seems to disappear, how do you get that Houston game replicated to play a complete game week in and week out?
A: I think it goes without saying, the energy like I said. We come out the first drive, Iím like oh yeah, itís about to be 52-49 again against the Saints. Then after that, one little mistake, we get behind the chains, ok bad drive, ok letís recover it. No, another mistake, and then itís like, bad drive. Weíve got to shake that and be able to overcome adversity. Thatís really what it is, itís just about overcoming adversity. Even the Houston game, there was an opportunity for them to come back and itís like, when we had our foot on their neck, itís not time to let up. Itís time to step down even harder. Itís time to press. So, energy. Energy, energy, energy.†††

Q: Is your confidence in Saquon (Barkley) and what he can do, does that help as opposed to maybe what you faced the last couple years where teams dared you to run and you guys couldnít do it?†
A: Yeah. What he can do is unreal. So whenever he gets the ball in his hands, Iím supposed to turn into a blocker but I turn into a spectator. I sit there and Iím watching him because itís like a mirror image, Iím watching him break tackles and this and that, and Iím like oh Iíve got to pick somebody up on a block. We trust fully what he can do and just putting the ball in his hands and letting him make plays. I know itís early to say it, but in my opinion, heís going to be one of the best in the league.

Q: But is that the kind of player that could make things easier for you in theory when teams kind of try to throw that soft zone?
A: Yeah, itís going to make it tough. Itís just about finding that balance and how we can count on each other. Not just us two, but everybody. Itís really about finding the balance. I think that might be the answer. We just havenít found that balance. We havenít found a way to get up and down the field, move it here, move it there, throw it, run it, reverse it, whatever it is. We just havenít found that balance.

Q: Do you give you input with Eli (Manning), do you brainstorm together with Eli when you review film together?
A: Yeah, but coaches usually have that game plan down. Eli and them, they all have it pretty much down, so when we come in, if we see something we might go in there with something, but as far as the full game plan-

Q: Thatís what I mean, if you see something.
A: Yeah, if you see something youíll be like, I was seeing this on film Ė not to even bring it up, but I remember whenever we played the Panthers last (time) I was telling him I can beat him on the post, Iím going to beat him on the post, Iím telling you itís going to happen, and they called it early and I was all excited and dropped it, wide open touchdown. But I had seen it on film, this is open, this is going to be open. So, if we see something, weíll bring it up and coaches will look at it and put it in the game plan where they see fit.

Q: Have you done it this week?
A: No, we havenít done anything this week. We got a good game plan. Theyíve got some guys over there, my LSU guy over there (?), heís looking pretty good. Heís always been pretty good. We got some stuff in there, itís just about executing, itís about balance, itís about that energy.

Q: Eli (Manning) is under fire, thereís a lot of people criticizing him. What do you make of that when you hear that?
A: I feel like heís fully capable of handling whatever comes his way. Heís been doing this for a long time, so I donít think thereís anything guys could say that is going to bother him. Weíre going to continue to come in here week in and week out and try and get wins, and not to be like executing and all that, but weíre going to try and come in here and do the same thing every week and win and be able to make the plays wherever we have them.

Q: Do you sense a heightened sense of urgency in here and if so, how does that manifest itself?
A: We still come in here and turn music on and have a good time, and not to say weíre supposed to come in here and mope and all that, but thereís definitely still good energy here. Itís not like the energyís bad or weíre all nervous or walking on egg shells, I donít feel that way at least. You might have to ask somebody else, I donít feel that way. If thereís anything I can do to make sure nobody else is that way, Iím trying to do that. Weíre not paying attention to 1-3, you can win the next two games, then itís 3-3 and weíre all sitting here with different looks on our faces, different questions.
OBJ is learning  
Rjanyg : 10/4/2018 3:25 pm : link
It is about team and he is saying all the right things. I would love for him to get a score or 2 this weekend hopefully along with a W.

Could turn the season around.
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