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Thursday Media Transcript: LB Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2018 3:53 pm
LB Olivier Vernon
October 4, 2018

Q: You had a very good game and you can kind of see what the possibilities were with this defense. How excited are you to be able to put that to use?
A: Iím just excited for when I finally can get on the field and be able to contribute. Thatís what I look forward to and everything else we just got to take it day-by-day.

Q: Do you get a different perspective when youíre watching from the sides, seeing the possibilities and potential is really out there?
A: Anybody can watch the game and say you couldíve made that play, but itís not really what it is. You just see a lot of guys that are trying to make plays and a lot of young guys just out there getting the experience and theyíre trying to make plays as well. All you could do is mentally prepare yourself to comeback and be able to contribute.

Q: This defense has seen enough of the zone read so far this year where itís not something unfamiliar, but how different is it Ė I know this is potentially your first time on the field, but how different is it with Cam (Newton) running it?
A: Heís a big, physical quarterback. He can do a lot of things. Heís able to make plays with his feet. Heís been known for that so all we can do is do our assignment, play Giant football.

Q: How much did they do that more than most or all other teams, using him as like that runner even in the design stuff?
A: Yeah theyíve been using him like that since heís been in the league. Heís capable of doing all types of stuff. His biggest thing that he can do is heís going to make plays with his feet, make things happen out of nothing so thatís just our responsibility is just to contain him and make sure weíre doing what we have to do to stop the run and play the pass.

Q: How much does that change what you want to do as a pass rusher in terms of aggressiveness, in terms of not letting him maybe get outside of the pocket and run like he wants to?
A: You still got to be aggressive. You just got to be disciplined as far as knowing where everybody else is around you. Thatís basically what it is when it comes down to it and you canít really be hesitant when you get out there. You still got to get out there and rush because if you donít then you still get hurt.

Q: I donít see film on him as much as you do, but does it happen where a rusher comes in and all of a sudden youíre seeing him run by because he suckered you in?
A: A big part of his game he could do that a lot. Heís been doing that for years, but you just got to be disciplined when you go out there, knowing where your teammates are at to help each other out. Thatís when it comes down to rushing as a unit.

Q: Coach said that Cam sometimes likes to challenge the defender even if the defender is in the right place like a read option. Is that something that youíve seen and does that happen a lot when Ė
A: Heís capable of doing that because he knows he can make plays with his feet and heís going to try to put you in that type of position. Heís just a special quarterback that has the capability to do a lot of things. All we can do is focus on playing our assignments and trying to get the job done right.

Q: You see other option-type quarterbacks do that once they see you in position say Iím just going keep the ball?
A: In todayís age, we got a lot of mobile quarterbacks. I donít think thereís any mobile quarterbacks with Camís size and speed to do what he does, so heís great at what he does.

Q: Did anybody ask you about your optimism to play this week?
A: Yeah just taking it day-by-day. Thatís all I can do and look forward to Sunday, but only focused on today, Thursday.

Q: What do you need to show them? Is it cutting? Sprinting? What do you have to prove to them that youíre healthy and prove to yourself really?
A: Prove to myself is the number one priority, but then also showing them that Iím capable of making certain plays that you donít want to be a liability out there. Itís just basically showing the coaches youíre capable of making the cuts when you have to or inside stunts and stuff like that.
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