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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2018 3:54 pm
WR Sterling Shepard
October 4, 2018

Q: Carolinaís defense is good at limiting yards after the catch. Does that become a bigger problem when youíre trying to break a short one for big yards?
A: No. When we have the athletes that we have and the guys that we have Ė after the catch, I donít think weíre like anybody in the league when it comes to after the catch. We wonít worry about that until it happens.

Q: Youíve always been known for a slot receiver, but even you say youíre so much more than that. Would you want to see the ball thrown to you deep a couple of times?†
A: Iím just taking whatever is there. I go on deep routes. If we hit them, we hit them. If we donít, we donít.†

Q: Do you feel perfectly fine after the procedure?†††
A: I wouldnít say perfectly fine, but Iím getting back to myself though.

Q: When shots are taken down the field, does that loosen things up for you on some of those shorter underneath routes? Does that create more space for you?
A: I think it can, but you donít want to just waste a down just throwing the ball up by trying to get people off of you. You want to put together a nice little scheme. Thatís what you do sometimes, but guys are playing us deep, and thatís how theyíve been playing us since the beginning of the season. So, you just take what the defense gives you, and get it to your playmakers, and theyíll make plays.

Q: How do you put together consistent drives? Last week you guys had success on that first drive. How do you string together drives like that?
A: Just staying discipline. I think everybody has to do their job. If one person messes something up, then it can mess up the whole drive. Just staying discipline and protecting the ball. Thatís the main thing.

Q: Is the procedure you had, is that a unique feeling and injury to manage for you? It seems a little different from a sprained ankle or a knee.
A: Yeah, it is different, but I donít really know much about it. You kind of have to ask the medical staff about that.

Q: Did that just come out of nowhere?
A: I guess I been having it for a while. It started bothering me, and then I told them about it, and went from there.

Q: Do you feel ok for Sunday though?
A: Yeah, looking good. Weíll see how the rest of the week goes.

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